AOGME Collegium of Fellows

Fellowship in the Assembly of Osteopathic Graduate Medical Educators (AOGME), formerly known as the Association of Osteopathic Directors and Medical Educators (AODME), is an honor recognizing long and meritorious service to the AOGME and the osteopathic profession. The status of Fellows is awarded for life, and when awarded, the recipient is entitled to use the initials FAOGME following his/her name and degree, whenever appropriate. Those awarded Fellowship prior to January 2018, may continue to use the initials FAODME if they so choose.

Below is a list of Collegium of Fellows and the year they were inducted.

New Fellow(s) 2017


Lynn Mark, DO, MA, FACOFP, FAOCME (front row, center) was inducted into the AODME Collegium of Fellows on April 27, 2017 at the President’s Reception in Baltimore, MD.


Fellows 2001 - 2016

Joanne K. Baker, DO (2012)
Carl Mogil, DO (2008)
Jack Belen, DO, MPH (2014)
Thomas Mohr, DO, MS, FACOI, FAODME (2016)
Ronald Berezniak, PhD (2006)
Gary Moorman, DO (2001
Deborah Lee Blackwell, DO (2007)
Michael K. Murphy, DO (2007)
John Bulger, DO (2009)
Joseph Naughton, DO (2010)
Dale Carlson, MM (2006)
Gerri Navarre, MSW (2012)
Humayun J. Chaudhry, DO (2007)       David Plundo, DO (2009)
W. Daniel Cogan, EdD (2001)
Susan C. Sevensma, DO (2007)
James W. Cole, DO (2006)

Howard Shulman, DO, FACP, FACOI, FAODME (2016)
Brenda J. Connolly, DO (2007)
Jeffrey Suzewits, DO (2013)
John J. Dougherty, DO (2012)
Kirsten Waarala, DO (2011)
Kari Hortos, DO (2001)
Marshall Walker, DO (2011)
Abraham Jeger, PhD (2001)
Kelli Ward, DO (2012)
Richard J. LaBaere, II, DO(2008)
D. Keith Watson, DO (2009)
Jo Ann Mitchell, DO (2011)       Susan C. Zonia, PhD (2005)

Fellows 1991 - 2000

James Carl, DO (1996)                James Preston, DO (1996) 
George Charney, DO (1991)       Douglas Schaber, DO (1996)* 
Oliver Hayes, DO (1996)        David Towle, DO (1999) 
Dennis Lemanski, DO (1996)       Plato Varidin, DO (1993) 
Christopher Meyer, DO (1993)        

Fellows 1984 - 1990

Richard A. Anderson, DO (1987)
Craig Lenz, DO (1989)
John T. Baker, DO (1984)*
Richard A. Margoles, PhD (1984)
Patrick Bentley, DO, PhD (1985)
Marc Morganstine, DO (1984)
Al Bonier, DO (1985)
Neil A. Natkow, DO (1984)
Milton J. Dakovich, DO (1984)
Michael Opipari, DO (1987)
George Essleman, DO (1984)*
Ray Piper, DO (1987)*
A. Archie Feinstein, DO (1984)*
Vance Powell, DO (1989)*
Robert J. George, DO (1984)
Mahlon Ponitz, DO (1984)
Kenneth Glinter, DO (1984)

Henry Rutschow, DO (1989)
Larry Haspel, DO (1985)
Norville H. Schock, PhD (1984)
Don Jablonski, DO (1988)       Richard Snyder, DO (1984)
Eugene M. Johnson, DO (1984)       Joseph Territo, DO (1987)
Mitchell Kasovac, DO (1987)*       John A. Voorhees, DO (1984)
Martin Lasky, DO (1987)       Gary Willyerd, DO (1988)
Fred LeMaster, DO (1987)*       Stanley N. Wilson, DO (1984) *


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