Call for AOGME Abstract Reviewers

To help ensure Educating Leaders 2019, the AACOM Annual Conference, offers the best possible content, AACOM relies on members from the Assembly of Osteopathic Graduate Medical Educators (AOGME) formerly AODME, and the National Academy of Osteopathic Medical Educators (NAOME) to review abstracts.  Each abstract will be peer-reviewed by 2 individuals. The more reviewers that sign up, the less each person has to review. In addition, accepted conference abstracts have the option of being considered for publication in a special online issue of The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association (JAOA).

At this phase we are asking all interested reviewers to sign up using this quick survey  Once the abstract submission site has closed and we have our reviewers, we will pair abstracts to reviewer and send process instructions.   

Estimated Timeline for Review (may change depending on the number of abstracts)
Abstract submission deadline: August 29
Abstracts are sent to reviewers with instructions: September 10
Reviewer scores and feedback due by: September 29

If you are interested in reviewing abstracts, please complete the Call for Abstract Reviewers by August 16, 2018