7 Reasons to Attend DO Day on Capitol Hill

 by 1st Vice Chair

2014 DO Day on the Hill with Rep. HeckAs medical students we get so wrapped up in our own heads that we forget to look around. The world is turning and the wheels of government grind away at the problems of our day. Policy is being made that not only affects your current course of education (student loan funding) but also your future career (loan repayment, Graduate medical education, Medicare reimbursement) Its time you made your voice heard.

Here's how you sign up!

  1. Because you’re kind of a big deal

    You are a future doctor. That means you will be put in positions of leadership and people will ask your opinion and expect you to be the expert. We all did tons of research to learn about how to be successful applicants to medical school, how much more time then should we spend preparing ourselves for our careers? The elected officials need to hear from you, they don’t know the reality of your story and they certainly wont find out if you don’t tell them. If you don’t speak up the only other voice they’ll hear is that of dollars and cents. If they don’t see the people behind the student loans they are financing they might stop financing them. Its been proposed before. They need to hear your story.

  1. You are either at the table or on the table

    This is the least gross picture I could find of a roast pig about to be eaten and if we don’t speak up the savory flesh of our beloved profession will be picked apart and patient care will be lost along the way. The elected officials need to hear from you, they don’t know the reality of your story and what drives you to pursue the most grueling, time intensive education in America and they certainly wont find out if you don’t tell them. If you don’t speak up the only other voice they’ll hear is dollars and cents. If they don’t see the people behind the student loans they are financing they might stop financing them. Its been proposed before. They need to hear your story.

  1. Your future self will thank you

    We sit here behind our copies of FirstAid stressing about a test when in reality we should be planning our next move. The world is a big place full of opportunity for those who know what they want. The government may not be able to give you what you want but they sure can stop you from getting it. Its time for us to influence the change we want to see.

  1. Your current self will thank you

    Joining over 1000 fellow medical students in a common goal to impress upon our nations leaders the message of a profession is powerful. Its invigorating to see your classmates a colleagues descend on the lawmakers with a united voice, and you can be sure that as the largest single day lobbying contingent, we do not go unnoticed.

  1. Your CV will thank you

    Let's be honest, we all want to bolster that CV with meaningful events about which we can speak at residency interviews. What better event than one that shapes the course of an entire profession effecting both students, doctors and patients. I have not met a student who attended this event and didn’t have an amazing story to tell about the impact they made.

  1. Its super fun!

    Anytime you get over 1000 medical students together the possibilities for fun are boundless. You will make new friends and forge relationships that will prove valuable in the future. With the added benefit of social media you never have to lose contact with your new partners in advocacy plus, you never know when you might need a place to crash during an away rotation.

  1. Your school and clubs probably want to give you money to attend!

    Did you ask your school for money to attend? Have you coordinated with other students? Have you asked your SGA or SOMA chapter for funds? My first year I went to DC for 4 days and it cost me $100. By cobbling together funds and sharing sleeping arrangements you can travel on the cheap.

Here’s how you sign up!

Then get smart about the issues here:


 by 1st Vice Chair

The NBOME has responded to students concerns voiced by COSGP, SOMA and educational leaders surrounding the recent COMLEX-USA Level 2 CE score reports. In June 2014 a scheduled “Comprehensive Psychometric Review” was implemented (NBOME took a look at the math behind the test scoring). As a result many students saw a large drop in their three digit score causing much consternation and out cry.

After a careful review of the circumstances, NBOME has released a new set of scores.

NBOME acknowledges students concerns about the “secondary uses of COMLEX-USA scores, most notably in residency program applications.”

And the need for COMLEX to be consistent over the course of our education.

“The NBOME is intent that the score scaling be as consistent and applicable as the pass/fail determination has proven to be.”

Going Forward the NBOME offers the following PLAN.


Based on the comprehensive psychometric review, the NBOME will begin reissuing score reports for the 2014-2015 test cycle of the COMLEX-USA Level 2-CE examination on September 2, 2014. The scaling process will be modified to provide a scale where the mean is not fixed to a pre-specified value. This will provide better comparability from year-to-year across the score range. The new scale will maintain the criterion-based passing score of 400. All COMLEX-USA Level 2-CE Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) reports to residency program directors from August 14, 2014 have been retracted and new reports will be transmitted beginning September 2, 2014.

An extensive communication plan will continue to directly inform candidates, deans, program directors and key stakeholder groups.”

Full information and mathematical details available here

COSGP would like to thank 

  • You all for your openness and patience,
  • The NBOME for listening to and addressing students concerns,
  • SOMA Executive board and  The Student AOA Trustee for standing united with us on students behalf
  • And the COSGP Council for their tireless communication with their upper classes


Remaining respectfully at your service,

Tim Lemaire ,  National First Vice Chair and COSGP Executive Board


Official Announcement of Unified Accreditation of GME!

 by 2nd Vice Chair

Watch the official announcement regarding unified accreditation of Graduate Medical Education from the meeting of the AOA Board of Trustees!

COSGP January Meeting

 by 2nd Vice Chair

Thank you to AZCOM for hosting a wonderful meeting and thank you to the council for making it so productive!


COSGP January 2014 DO4U Event at AZCOM

 by 2nd Vice Chair

Thank you to AZCOM and all the members of COSGP for a wonderful event to promote Osteopathic medicine to local college students!  We had a wonderful day with presentations on the osteopathic philosophy, OMM, many specialty topics, and getting into medical school.  There was also a panel of osteopathic medical students and student leaders for medical students to ask a variety of questions.

NOM Week #liveDO

 by 2nd Vice Chair

We will be hosting another #liveDO competition during NOM Week (April 13-19).  We are looking for a very short video (less than 30 seconds) on how you #liveDO during NOM Week – how you help spread osteopathic awareness and give back to your community.  More information to come!

Professionalism, Presentations, and Social Media

 by 2nd Vice Chair

Please view the attached powerpoint, compiled by Danielle Maholtz and Carisa Champion-Lippmann to review how to develop wonderful presentations, how to present yourself professionally, and how to properly participate in social media!

Presenting Yourself in Social Media


COSGP Newsletter OMED 2013

 by Public Relations/Web Rep

Please review this newsletter for a short summary of each of the key topics addressed at the OMED COSGP meeting and important updates on what COSGP is doing for YOU!


Buzzfeed Shout Out

 by Public Relations/Web Rep

Check out this Buzzfeed shout out to  Osteopathic Medicine!