Since its launch in December 2010, Healthy People 2020 has been supporting the achievement of a broad set of national objectives for improving the health of all Americans based on a 10-year schedule set to conclude in year 2020. Healthy People 2020 is comprised of 42 topic areas and nearly 600 objectives in total.

In an effort to keep readers connected with the program’s initiatives and offer relevant, up-to-date information, Healthy People 2020 hosts one or more monthly webinars, each focused on various current leading health issues. In July, Healthy People 2020 hosted a webinar on preventive medicine, entitled “Who’s Leading the Leading Health Indicators? Webinar: Clinical Preventive Services” (the archived video is not yet available). This webinar discusses the importance of clinical preventive services, particularly how they serve as a measure to reduce preventable deaths and disabilities throughout the nation. The August webinar, “Who’s Leading the Leading Health Indicators? Webinar: Oral Health” (the archived video is not yet available), discusses the vital role oral health plays in total wellness. Upcoming September webinars have not yet been announced.

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