The 17th annual meeting of the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE) was held in St. Andrews, Scotland, UK from June 8-11, 2013. IAMSE is an international organization of medical educators dedicated to advancing medical education through faculty development and ensuring that the teaching and learning of medicine continues to be grounded in science. This year’s meeting focused its activities and experiences for faculty, staff, and student participants around the theme of “Science Education for Health Sciences Professionals Across the Continuum.” The program incorporated many timely medical education topics, including:

  • integrating basic science and clinical medicine in a longitudinal curriculum;
  • team-based learning;
  • critical reflection and feedback in medical education;
  • integrating mobile technology in medical education;
  • student anxiety and stress;
  • advances in cadaveric preservation and use;
  • writing research proposals;
  • technology and media in health science education;
  • eCases and virtual patients;
  • portable electronic portfolios;
  • faculty-led curricular change;
  • adult learning theory in the health professions;
  • cultural diversity and competence;
  • and the flipped classroom.

IAMSE’s osteopathic medical education member representation has been growing over the last several years. At this year’s meeting, 28 osteopathic medical education faculty members, representing 16 colleges of osteopathic medicine, attended the meeting. Several scientific posters on osteopathic medical education were also an indication of the profession’s increased participation in the meeting.

 “In my own eight years with IAMSE, I have found my membership and participation to be a valuable contribution to my professional development. The annual meeting is only one such experience. Additionally, the association provides a well-designed webcast audio seminar series that covers many of the topics discussed at the annual meeting in great detail while often presenting best practices and success stories from respected health science academic and clinical professionals around the world,” said Luke H. Mortensen, PhD, AACOM Vice President and Chair for Medical Education and member of the IAMSE Board of Directors.

The 18th Annual IAMSE Conference will be held in Nashville, TN June 6-10, 2014.

For more information on joining IAMSE, visit the IAMSE Membership Application webpage.

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