Associate VP and Associate Director Attend Recruitment Event to Promote Osteopathic Medical Education

AACOM Associate Vice President for Medical Education Tyler Cymet, DO, and AACOM Associate Director of Application Services Gina M. Moses, MEd, recently attended a recruitment event hosted by Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Cymet spoke with potential medical students, answering questions about applying to osteopathic medical school and sharing advice from his own medical education experience. Ms. Moses led a presentation on osteopathic medicine, after which she answered questions and provided additional information and resources to attendees interested in applying to osteopathic medical school. The event took place on March 11 at the school’s Homewood Campus in Baltimore, Maryland.

Associate Director Leads Series of Multi-COM Events

During the week of March 4-8, AACOM Associate Director of Application Services Gina M. Moses, MEd, on behalf of AACOM, led a series of successful recruitment events across Arizona. The events featured representatives from multiple colleges of osteopathic medicine (COMs) and presentations led by Ms. Moses. Pre-health advisors at Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and University of Arizona each hosted one of these multi-COM events at their respective school.

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March 2013
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