AACOM, AOA, and Pre-SOMA Collaborate to Hold National Shadow a DO Student (ShaDO) Week

National ShaDO Week, November 18-22, is an event held in collaboration between AACOM, the AOA, and National Pre-SOMA.

National ShaDO Week is a week dedicated to providing opportunities for pre-medical students to be exposed to anatomy labs, osteopathic manipulation labs, and medical school-level science classes. It also gives prospective students time to interact with current osteopathic medical students and ask questions they may have regarding the medical school experience, curriculum, the admissions process, etc.

The goal of this event is to give pre-medical students a chance to see if the DO profession is right for them, and to reinvigorate current osteopathic medical students’ enthusiasm for the philosophies and practices of osteopathic medicine and to giving back through providing mentorship to pre-medical students.

For more information on this event, including participating colleges of osteopathic medicine, view the Call for Participation. A spring National ShaDO Week, hosted in conjunction with National Osteopathic Medicine Week, will be held April 14-20.

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November 2013
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