Dear Future Osteopathic Medical Students,

1. Greetings! First, I would like to recognize and applaud your wisdom; choosing to read this book is an excellent decision. As an osteopathic medical student you will quickly learn that selecting the right source of information is a crucial part of medicine in our digital age. This book is an exceptional resource for students interested in applying to osteopathic medical school or who simply want more information about osteopathic medicine.

2. So who exactly is writing this letter? And, more importantly, why should you care? My name is Breanne Hirshman; I am a third year osteopathic medical student at A.T. Still University’s School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona. Since April of 2015, it has been my honor and privilege to serve as the National Chair of AACOM’s Council of Osteopathic Student Government Presidents (COSGP). COSGP was established in 1974, and is recognized by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) as the official national representative and voting voice of all osteopathic medical students to the AACOM, AOA, and their governing bodies.

3. What is COSGP? COSGP’s goals include representing, empowering, and enhancing the lives of osteopathic medical students. Two elected student officials from each college and school of osteopathic medicine comprise COSGP’s General Council. This dynamic group of emerging leaders meets quarterly to collaborate on issues affecting osteopathic medical students on a local and national level. These in-person assemblies help foster the exchange of ideas and information, as well as promote problem-solving, cooperation, and communication.

4. So what does this mean for me as a future osteopathic medical student? I encourage you to check out cosgp for more information about osteopathic medicine, becoming a DO, and the issues that are at the forefront of our profession. Additionally, by learning about COSGP now, you will be able to dazzle your classmates on day one of orientation.

5. Not a goodbye – but a beginning If you choose to pursue a career in osteopathic medicine, you will be rewarded with membership in a dynamic and engaging profession dedicated to whole-person health and wellness. I am proud to be a member of a profession that includes, respects, and listens to its students. Questions? Please feel free to email me at

Wishing you the best of luck in your future endeavors,

Breanne Hirshman OMS-III
COSGP National Chair 2015–2016