This section includes data on osteopathic medical college applicants, students and graduates, medical education financing, tuition and curriculum. To view data, click on one of the links in the left column. Check back frequently for additional data, as the site is regularly updated.

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Contract and Grant Activity by Osteopathic Medical College

2006-12 Contract and Grant Activity by Osteopathic Medical College 
A listing of all active contracts and grants at osteopathic medical colleges in FY2006 through FY2012 including information about the award, the award amount and details of the principal investigator.

Applicants and Matriculants by U.S. States/Territories & COM: Entering Class 2016

Microsoft Power BI interactive dashboard that depicts data on entering class 2016 applicants and matriculants who submitted an application to an osteopathic medical school by U.S. states/territories and by college of osteopathic medicine (COM). This dashboard is fully interactive with several features to filter, navigate, expand, and share the graphics/tables.