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Staff Directory 

Office of the President

Stephen C. Shannon, DO, MPH President/Chief Executive Officer
Joye Shepperd Executive Assistant to the Office of the President and CEO
Robert Rathbun, Jr. VP of Human Resources
Alegneta Long Program Manager 


Harvey Tillipman, MBA, MSW Interim Chief Operating Officer
Kiauna Hunt Executive Assistant to the COO
Dionna Knox Office Coordinator

Office of Member and Student Services

Ray Perez
Vice President of Member and Student Services

Application Services, Recruitment, and Student Affairs
Stephanie Wurth  Director of Application Services, Recruitment, and Student Affairs
Jessica James
Digital Recruitment and Application Services Specialist 
Kelley Williford
Associate Director of Application Services
AACOMAS Customer Service
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Marketing and Communications
Erin Ross, MS Director of Marketing and Communications
Lisa K. Etienne Manager of Digital Initiatives
Lindsey Jurd, MPS Manager of Communications
Paul DeMiglio Senior Media Specialist
Carson F. Cameron, MA Marketing and Communications Specialist

Meetings and Events
Beth Martino Manager of Meetings and Events
TBA Senior Meetings and Events Planner

Finance and Administration

Donna Herring Director of Finance
Mohamed Ahmed Manager - Payroll and Employee Benefits
Alpha M. Diallo
Interim Manager, Financial Analysis and Reporting

Office of Government Relations

The Government Relations office is located at:
500 New Jersey Avenue, NW, Suite 380, Washington, DC 20001

Pamela Murphy, MSW Senior Vice President of Government Relations 
Mary-Lynn Bender Director of Congressional and Public Affairs
Judith Mun, MPA Government Relations Manager
Julie Crockett Federal Regulatory Affairs Manager
Christine DeCarlo Advocacy and Public Affairs Manager
TBA Policy and Advocacy Specialist

Office of Medical Education and Research

Tom Levitan, MEd
Interim Senior VP of Medical Education and Research

Medical Education

Luke H. Mortensen, PhD, FAHA VP and Chair for Medical Education
Tyler Cymet, DO Chief of Clinical Education
Kate Hirsch Administrator for the Department of Medical Education
Lynn Bragan Administrative Project Coordinator


Erik Guercio, MA Director of Research
Catherine Golden Research Analyst 


Junhua (Lucy) Liu Director of Information Technology 
Andrew L. Fennell
Technology Coordinator