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AOGME Members-Only Webinar Series on Transition to Residency

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Understanding Your Residency Contract

Date: Wednesday, April 14, 2021, 6:00 PM ET 
Presenters: Susan Sanford, JD

View this presentation by Susan Sanford, JD as she guides fourth-year medical students through the residency contract process. Ms. Sanford provides an overview of what to expect in a resident agreement including common provisions and language.

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Optimizing Your Transition from Match Day to PGY 1 Day

Date: Monday, April 5, 2021, 7:00 PM ET 
Presenters: Katherine Kirby, DO, Daniel Krajcik, DO, Andrea DeSimone, DO, Jordan Spencer, DO, and Dimitri Tito, DO

View this webinar by the AOGME Residents and Fellows Council (RFC) leadership as they share helpful tips on the transition to intern year. The RFC Leadership addressed questions and concerns on what to expect, wellness and life skills, orientating yourself to a new setting, and so much more.

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RFC Post Election Updates on Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

Date: Monday, February 22, 2021, 7:00 PM ET
Presenters: Shawn Hamm, DO, Alexandra Tran

View this webinar and learn about the impact of the Presidential election on the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, which affects many students, resident and fellow physicians. This webinar is hosted by the AOGME Residents and Fellows Council (RFC) which is comprised of multidisciplinary group of residents and fellows.

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Chat with the Residents, Part-Two: Post-residency Interview Etiquette & Ranking

Date: Monday, January 11, 2021, 7:00 PM ET 
Presenters: Jordan Spencer, DO, Daniel Krajcik, DO, Andrea DeSimone, DO & Shawn Hamm, DO

View this three-part webinar recording that addresses post-residency interview etiquette, as well as how to approach ranking. The webinar was presented by the AOGME Residents and Fellows Council (RFC). Residents from multi-disciplinary perspectives share their experiences, tips, and strategies to help prepare you for success in the residency match. 

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Holistic and Novel Approach to Residency Recruitment

Date: Friday, October 30, 2020
Presenters: Sandra Snyder, DO, Leanne M. Chrisman-Khawam, MD & Doug Harley, DO

View this webinar showcasing an approach to comprehensive review of residency applicants. Dr. Sandra Snyder, Dr. Leanne M. Chrisman-Khawam and Dr. Doug Harley discussed their approach and the relationship between the Cleveland Clinic and Ohio Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine.

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Chat with Residents: Residency Interviewing & Tips for the Match

Date: Monday, October 26, 2020
Presenters: Katherine Kirby, DO, Shawn Hamm, DO, Jordan Spencer, DO
Andrea DeSimone, DO, Holly Laird, DO & Lisa Cardello, EdS, NCC

View this webinar on residency interviewing and preparing for the Match, presented by the AOGME Residents and Fellows Council (RFC). Residents from multi-disciplinary perspectives shared their experiences, tips and strategies for success in the residency interviewing and match process.

View the webinar recording and slides.

* Approaches to the 2021 Residency Match Cycle:
Program Perspective

: Thursday, September 17, 2020
Presenters: Thomas Mohr, DO, Ms. Melva Landrum, Sandra Snyder, DO, Taisei Suzuki, DO, 
Joanne Baker, DO, Jason Miller, DO & Jaishree Patel, PharmD 

This discussion forum hosted by the AOGME and the AACOM Council on Residency Placement (CORP) explores the impact of changes to the 2021 ERAS and match cycle on how program directors evaluate candidates. The discussion facilitates conversations between program directors and medical school residency advisors. Program directors in family medicine, internal medicine and psychiatry programs cover topics such as preparing MSPEs with a COVID impact statement, specialty-specific COVID-19 responses, sub-internships, away rotations, virtual interviewing, and more.

View the webinar recording and slides.

Virtual Recruiting: AIAMC and AOGME

Date: Thursday, September 17, 2020
Presenter: Mike Grubich & Shelley A. Smith      

Join the Alliance of Independent Academic Medical Centers and AOGME webinar on September 17 at 1:00 PM ET to get tips to optimize your virtual interviewing strategies, with a focus on outcomes. Featuring Mike Grubich and Shelley A. Smith from LAK Group, the webinar will highlight common mistakes to avoid, as well as how to stage your home office, tips for creating a dynamic screen presence, and how to engage your audience. AOGME members can register exclusively with the AIAMC member rate, select this option when you register. 

View the webinar recording.

Virtual Student Interview Best Practices

Date: Thursday, September 10, 2020
Presenter: Chris Parr & Elizabeth Petsche, JD

View the webinar hosted by the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians (ACOFP) in partnership with AOGME on virtual interviewing for residency. From navigating technology to avoiding common interview pitfalls, this interactive-session will provide students with recommendations, best practices and exemplars as they prepare for virtual interviews. This will not be a lecture, but a dialogue that will provide students with the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback. 

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The 3C's of Human Potential: Learn About a Proven Talent Assessment Tool


Date: Wednesday, July 29, 2020
Presenter: Keith Jenkins, SHRM-SCP

Join Mr. Keith Jenkins on a journey exploring the 3C’s of Human Potential, a proven talent assessment tool that positions an employer with a high probability of selecting the most suitable candidate for a role. As residency programs wrestle with an unprecedented application and selection cycle, learning of ways to assess talent and fit for a program are essential. The methods utilized in this talent assessment combines rudiments from Behavioral Based Interviewing with communal interviewing. The results of the process integrates factual, quantifiable results with human intuition.

 View the webinar recording and slides.

Online Matchmaking: Learn About the Virtual View Program


Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Presenters: Bonnie Nolan, MD & Justin Chin, DO

View this webinar to hear about an innovative approach to providing a virtual online experience for prospective residents by the Eglin Air Force Base Family Medicine Residency. The "Virtual View" program's goal is to facilitate better informed decisions by 4th year medical students regarding audition rotations and rank lists. As programs move to a virtual interviewing process due to the COVID-19 pandemic and limitations to travel, this timely webinar provided an opportunity to learn from a program that has already established an innovative online experience for prospective residents to gain insights about their program and get a sense of their fit.

 View webinar recording and slides.

Virtual Interviews for Residency Applications 

Dr. Thomas Mohr -100pxMarsha-Sellner-100pxDate: Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Presenters: Thomas Mohr, DO & Marsha Sellner, BS

View the webinar to hear perspectives from
Dr. Mohr and Ms. Sellner on conducting video interviews for the residency application and selection process. The presenters shared how they employed video conference technology and automated scheduling software for medical students applying to their residency programs, as well as the pros and cons of virtual interviewing approach.

View the webinar recording and slides

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*AOGME Residents and Fellows Council Webinar: Residency Interviewing & Tips for the Match

Date: Sunday, October 28, 2019, 7:00 PM ET
Presenter: Ginger Cupit, DO, Mianna Gilmore, DO, Harika Kantamneni, DO, Daniel Krajcik, DO, MBA, Holly Laird, DO, MS, Kim Peck, MBA, Jordan Spencer, DO, 

Listen to this informal conversation with residents presented by the AOGME Residents and Fellows Council as they share their experiences and strategies for the residency match process. Residency Advisors, who are current members of AACOM's Match Success Task Force, also participated in the webinar. View recording.