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Single Accreditation System Help—AOA’s Application Assistance Program (AAP)

December 29, 2017

AODME Interview with Rico J. Blanco, AOA Education Project Manager. The AOA is committed to help your program achieve ACGME accreditation and Osteopathic Recognition. Through the Application Assistance Program (AAP), AOA staff members are ready to answer questions and connect you with an AAP peer consultant.

What type of assistance does the AOA’s Application Assistance Program provide?
The AAP provides assistance locating informational resources, matching your program with qualified application consultants, preparing programs for their ACGME on-site review, helping programs with continued pre-accreditation issues, and assisting programs with funding questions.

How does the AAP work with ACGME during the accreditation application process?
AOA, ACGME, and AACOM staff are all a part of the Joint Education Committee, which focuses on how to best deliver information to Program Directors in the Single Accreditation System. The ACGME Executive Directors are available to walk programs through the application process and answer questions on ACGME requirements. Programs are encouraged to contact the ACGME Executive Directors for their program specialty. For a full list of ACGME Executive Directors please click here.

Once programs have submitted their applications, how should they handle the Osteopathic Recognition process?
Once they’ve submitted their ACGME application and while everything is fresh in their mind, the program should look at the Osteopathic Recognition requirements and start completing the Osteopathic Recognition application. The AAP can provide support with the Osteopathic Recognition application.