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Annual Conference—AODME and AACOM Collaboration Info


The 2017 AACOM/AODME Annual Conference scheduled for April 26-29 is shaping up to be a memorable event with significant milestones. For the first time the two organizations have joined forces to create programming for today’s rapidly-changing health education environment. Lisa Nash, DO, MS-HPEd, FAAFP serves as AODME Program Chair. In an interview with AODME.org, Dr. Nash discussed the motivation for the development of this week’s program schedule.

How did the theme of the conference and how will it be reflected in the programming?
The theme came from some evolving and increasing conversations about the misalignment between the current healthcare workforce and our education systems. We’ve received feedback from health systems that they spend additional time training our graduates before they’re productive so there needs to be an increase in readiness so they can hit the ground running once they leave residency.

Are there some things that are different about this conference that are different from past conference?
The move to single accreditation will be a new focus for us. There are a number of sessions specifically addressing how to meet faculty scholarly activity requirements as well as faculty development. One topic that’s certainly new to ACGME is Osteopathic Recognition and we will address those requirements and recognition standards.

Are there going to be discussions on physician wellness?
Another hot topic right now. We’ll focus on the idea of prevention versus cure. It has to do with strategies for wellness like mindfulness, mindful practice, appreciative inquiry – there are any number of different strategies.

What can the attendees expect to add to their knowledge base?
For those of us that are in GME, the highlights are going to be around the move to single accreditation and related topics that go into that. I think we really will give people an eye toward the future and a best practice to shoot for as far to what can we aspire.