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AODME Presents Special Lifetime Achievement Award to Abraham M. Jeger, PhD, FAODME


AODME was honored to present the Special Lifetime Achievement Award to Abraham M. Jeger, PhD, FAODME, at the AACOM/AODME Joint Conference on April 27, 2017.

Dr. Jeger receives lifetime achievement recognition

“It was my great pleasure to present this year’s award to Dr. Jeger,” AODME President (2016-17), Lynn Mark, DO, MA, FACOFP, FAODME, said. “On a personal level, Dr. Jeger is held in high esteem by his colleagues, who know him as a kind and considerate man with a reputation for collegiality and collaboration.”

Dr. Jeger has shown exemplary leadership and has made exceptional contributions to AODME. He was elected Fellow of AODME in 2001 and served as AODME Trustee for Region 1 for nearly 10 years. During that time, he prepared a paper commissioned by the AODME Board entitled “Resident Caps and Osteopathic Graduate Medical Education: A Preliminary Position Statement.”

During the span of his 40 year career, so far, Dr. Jeger has influenced several generations of osteopathic graduates. Most notably, he opened new clerkship opportunities at over 30 sites that have benefited over 6,000 third- and fourth-year students. Through his role as Board Member, Education Committee Member and Secretary of NYCOMEC, the OPTI for NYITCOM and TouroCOM, he was instrumental in establishing new affiliates for residency training in almost every AOA-approved specialty. Thus, he has opened residency opportunities for osteopathic medical graduates from across the country.

The AODME Special Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes outstanding members who have been instrumental in advancing the mission and purposes of AODME through loyalty and long-term meritorious service.