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Monograph Chronicles AACOM's First Osteopathic Recognition Workshop in 2017

ORWorkshopThe 2nd Annual AACOM Osteopathic Recognition (OR) workshop will be held at the Educating Leaders:  2018 Annual Conference in Washington, DC on Tuesday, April 17. AACOM's inaugural OR workshop took place at the 2017 Joint AACOM/AODME annual conference in Baltimore, MD.

Key takeaways from the first workshop are captured in a brief monograph that provides an account of the 2017 pre-conference event held on April 25, 2017. The workshop provided a forum for osteopathic postdoctoral training institutions (OPTIs), graduate medical education (GME) program leaders and other educators at colleges of osteopathic medicine (COMs) to learn more about OR, the benefits, and to share tools and resources to apply and achieve OR.

The workshop featured several speakers with insights into the OR application process, including updates from the ACGME Osteopathic Principles Committee (OPC). It showcased supports that may be offered through an Osteopathic Postdoctoral Training Institution (OPTI) and specialty college to assist in applying and meeting OR requirements. Three program directors from across the country shared their success stories and practical OR application tips, and discussed ways to address potential challenges to fulfill the ACGME OR requirements.

2017 Osteopathic Recognition Workshop Event Photos
From left to right: OHPI intern Fritz Stine, OMS-IV participates in OR Workshop Q&A session; Slide from OR Workshop session titled "Updates from the ACGME Osteopathic Principles Committee"; Dr. David Connett, moderator, welcomes attendees to the OR Workshop.

OR designation provides an opportunity for GME programs to maintain and enhance osteopathic training in GME programs within the single GME accreditation system.

Some of the key takeaways from this workshop include the following:

  • Demonstrating the value of osteopathic recognition to key stakeholders is valuable. OR can be an important recruitment tool, particularly to attract candidates that seek to continue their osteopathic-focused training.
  • Osteopathic recognition can be integrated within existing program components to reduce duplication and promote better alignment
  • Meeting the requirements of the OR application doesn’t have to be hard. Learn from the experiences of other programs. There are also many resources available to assist programs in developing education components, completing the OR application, and ensuring the delivery of quality osteopathic education that meets the standards set by the ACGME.

Read the report here to learn more about perspectives from an OPTI, specialty college and program directors at last year's event.

You can learn more about the  AACOM's upcoming Educating Leaders 2018 Annual Conference and register for this year's conference here.