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Dr. Nash Address to AOGME Members

headshot of Lisa NashA week and a half ago, I was officially sworn in to assume the role of the Chair of the Assembly of Osteopathic Graduate Medical Educators (AOGME) during a historic Award and Collegium of Fellows ceremony at Educating Leaders 2018, the  AACOM Annual Conference. It is an honor to assume the role of Chair of AOGME and to think about all that has been accomplished and all that remains before us.

In the many roles I have held in medical education as: program director, director of medical education, designated institutional official, associate dean, and OPTI academic officer, the best parts and consistent theme of any success have been the network of friends and colleagues. Partners along the journey. This is what AOGME means to me and to many of you.

This past year, we have completed the transition from AODME to AOGME within AACOM and started the ongoing work of alignment and integration. We have enjoyed excellent support and inclusion. AACOM has embraced us not just as a side project, but a truly integral part of the overall AACOM mission.

Your AOGME leadership had an opportunity to see and guide the AACOM strategic planning for the future, and our part in it. I want to assure you that AOGME has an ongoing, vital role to play.

We are in the home stretch now of the single GME accreditation system transition. We are also at the cusp of an extraordinary opportunity with Osteopathic Recognition. This may well be one of the best opportunities we have ever had to advance osteopathic GME.

Thank you to my friends and colleagues along the journey. We still have much work to do together.

I can do things you cannot.
You can do things I cannot.
Together, we can do great things.
Mother Teresa

I look forward to doing great things with all of you this next year. 

Thank you,