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Residents & Fellows: Submit your Abstract Today!

Residents, Fellows, and Intern Physicians: Submit Your Poster Abstracts for Educating Leaders 2020
For a limited time only, we are accepting poster submissions from residents, fellows, and intern physicians for Educating Leaders 2020. This is an opportunity for you to showcase a study or practice at AACOM's annual conference. The deadline to submit is January 15, 2020.
All abstracts must be submitted through the Educating Leaders 2020 Abstract Submission Portal.
Please adhere to the following guidelines as you complete your online submission:
  1. Abstract Title (character limit: 90) – Use proper title format to type title (correct title case capitalization, no bold, italics, or symbols)
  2. Presentation Preference – select only the "Resident or Fellow Poster" option
  3. Key Topic Area (select one) — The meeting will be organized into key topic areas to complement the meeting theme.
  4. Short Description (30 to 200 words) — This brief description will appear in marketing material to attract people to come see you. The brief description should summarize what attendees can expect to learn and/or do in the session. Do not include title or authors in this text.
  5. Abstract (20 to 500 words total) – This will be assessed by the peer reviewers. Do not include title or authors in this text. You will add authors later steps.
  6. In the Challenge/Issue (Introduction) section, include a short introduction that describes the relevance, context and importance of the case.
  7. In the Objectives (Case Description) section, describe in sequence the history, physical examination, investigative studies, and the patient's progress and outcome. Be complete but include only the relevant details.
  8. In the Approach (Discussion) section, review why decisions were made and the lessons from the case in a clear and succinct manner.
  9. In the Results section, type "n/a for case report."
  10. Intended Audience Track – Select "Graduate Medical Education Faculty" only.
  11. Learning Objectives – Every presentation must have two learning objectives. A learning objective is brief should state what attendees can expect to learn and/or do in the session or (i.e. learn, understand, contrast, identify, discuss, develop, describe, determine, demonstrate, etc.).
  12. Previously Publicized – Where has this work previously been made public? Type n/a if not applicable.
  13. Author Block Required Fields – Enter the author name and degrees as they should appear in printed material. What you put here is how it will appear on conference collateral. For example, use “Stephen C. Shannon, DO, MPH” not “Steve Shannon.”
  14. Brief Biography (200 words max per person) – Brief biographies (not a CV) are required for ALL PRESENTERS. Co-authors who are not presenting are not required to submit a bio. This brief bio will be used for CME purposes and will be listed in the conference app.
Some other items to consider before you apply:
  • All listed authors must complete a conflict of interest disclosure declaration.
  • Pay attention to character or word count limits in the application.
  • Inform us if your work has previously been made public.
  • When using abbreviations or acronyms, spell out the first use.
  • Do not use footnotes or references in the abstract.
  • Where applicable, institutional review board approval (IRB) must be noted in the abstract.
We've provided a sample abstract submission for your reference.
When you complete your submission, remember to select print a copy for your files and to email yourself a confirmation. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at aogme@aacom.org.