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2022 Call for Nominations for Open Positions on AOGME Board

The Assembly of Osteopathic Graduate Medical Educators (AOGME) Nominations Committee is seeking nominations for the Secretary/Treasurer officer position and one at-large member position on the AOGME Board. Individuals may self-nominate. The board member elections will be for a two-year term of office beginning in May 2022 after the Annual Business Meeting.

Please send your nominations by February 18, 2022, to aogme@aacom.org.

The Nominations Committee will consider applications that meet the qualifications as described below.


Nominees must be willing to take an active role in the leadership to support the mission and purpose of the AOGME. The individual should also be able to commit time to support AOGME’s regular business and initiatives and be able to attend board meetings. The individual in the officer position is expected to participate in weekly meetings. All board positions are expected to attend scheduled in-person meetings.


Nominees should meet the following criteria:

  • Is an active member in good standing with AOGME, formerly the Association of Osteopathic Directors and Medical Educators (AODME).

  • Has been a member of AOGME for at least three years prior to this election.

  • Has attended a minimum of two AOGME (or AODME) annual business meetings (in-person or virtual).

  • Has served on at least one committee or board either within AOGME (or AODME) or another state or national organization connected with medical education (graduate medical education preferred).

Nominations must include:

  • A one-page letter addressed to the AOGME Nominations Committee stating the nominee’s intent on running for a seat on the AOGME Board.

  • Be sure to indicate the reasons for the nominee's interest in the position and why the nominee is suitable for the position

    • If you are nominating someone other than yourself, we ask that you contact the person you are nominating to confirm he or she is interested in serving and that the individual meets all nominee requirements.

    • Be sure to include a statement that the nominee has confirmed interest in serving if elected.

  • A current brief CV (two-page max)

Please send your nominations by February 18, 2022, to aogme@aacom.org.

For questions, please contact AOGME at (301) 657-7881 or email at aogme@aacom.org.