The Presidents’ Archive

December 2017 

Dear Fellow AODME Members, 

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!  This is our last newsletter of the year, as well as the last newsletter for AODME.  Work is underway to move our data, website and memberships over to the new AOGME site.  We will become an official assembly in AACOM on January 1, 2018.

Our new Executive Director, Alegneta Long, has been working hard with the AODME staff to make sure that our history and webinars that we have recorded are not lost. Everything is moving over, and you will be directed to the new site from our previous address. AOGME will be unveiling a new website for our Assembly and this will have a new look after the first of year. We have already seen so much support from AACOM in helping to make our site as easy to find and user friendly. AOGME will have all of our prior webinars available for our members to access and view as well as historical information. We will be working out the details of new membership details that will be finalized by our member meeting in April. Your leadership and board really want this to stay an organization that you see the value in receiving news, faculty development and opportunities for leadership growth and networking. We have many new opportunities that we will be exploring and unveiling in the coming months. This is truly an exciting time, and we want to take advantage of all the opportunities for our members.

We already have members within AACOM reaching out to us to share events, discussion forums and opportunities for new programs that can ensure the Osteopathic continuum from UME to GME. We know that many of you are in the application process for your categorical residency programs and AOGME wants to be a resource for you to help in taking the next step for Osteopathic Recognition. Our annual meeting, Educating Leaders 2018, April 18-21 in Washington, DC, has a pre-conference workshop planned on April 17 to help you through the application, implementation and preparation for the site visits that will come down the line. There will be sessions at the national meeting, webinars and the ACGME pre-conference that are designed to give you new tools to use or fill a gap that may be needed. 

 We just had a joint webinar with the American Academy of Osteopathy on December 13 “Osteopathic Focused Grand Rounds:  Supporting an Osteopathic Learning Environment.” This webinar was recorded and will be available on our site soon. We will continue into 2018 with many current topics that will aid you in your profession.   The next one is on January 17, 2018 and will be “OPP Integration within the Single Accreditation System.”  We look forward to more collaborations with AAO and other organizations with shared goals for leadership and faculty development for our programs. 

 Registration has opened for Educating Leaders 2018, April 18-21 in Washington, DC. The theme will be "Building Successful Collaborations” and will feature a broad selection of topics to meet all of our member’s needs. The final details of the lineup of speakers will be available later in January.  As an AODME member, you will benefit from a member registration discount of $110, save $80 and take advantage of the early bird registration discount offered until February 8, 2018.   Watch for more details on the meeting and plan ahead for your hotel reservations.   We have a little more time to submit your application for the 2018 Collegium of Fellows, and the deadline is Sunday, December 31, 2017.  The application can be found at this link. 

As always, we are here to serve our members and assist in the GME community.  I am sure there are many of our colleagues that are working hard, despite the holidays and festivities, to get their applications in for their internships, fellowships and residency programs as the next deadline of Sunday, December 31, 2017 comes near.   If there is anything that we can do to assist your educational needs or ACGME applications, please send us an email, and we will reach out to you.   All my best,  


November 2017 

Dear Fellow AODME Members,  

Happy Holidays!  I hope with all of your hectic schedules, work and meetings that you were able to take a break and be with family and friends last week over Thanksgiving.  It is good for the soul to take a moment and reflect on what we have in our lives to be thankful for and appreciate. I can say that when I see the struggles of parts of our country and world, there is a lot that I can be thankful for in my everyday life alone.  

As many of you learned yesterday, our work towards Unification with AACOM became official on November 18, 2017.  Drs. Mark, Mohr, and Shulman all joined me in presenting to the AACOM Board and then we were present for the discussion and vote on the Memo of Understanding. We celebrated being welcomed into the AACOM family and I signed the MOU with Dr. Shannon. The unification allows our organization to truly work together and represent the full continuum of osteopathic medical education.   The work is not over though, and with the assistance of our attorney we are initiating the dissolution process for AODME. We expect to go live with our association with AACOM as the Assembly of Osteopathic Graduate Medical Educators on January 1, 2018.  We will keep you apprised of the legal aspects as they progress. We have new bylaws that will be used to guide our assembly and with it comes a new board structure. We want this transition of our organization to go smoothly. Therefore, we will be served with a transition board that is comprised of the current board structure until the April 2019 meeting. We will go over our new board structure at the business meeting in April 2018 and then will be able to take nominations for the new board positions in the winter 2018/2019.  We will be announcing the new membership fees and applications after January 1, 2018.   

Our new website is being created and we will have more information being released over the coming weeks to share with our members. We recognize there is a need for growth of our emerging osteopathic leaders and want to engage with our residents and fellows and offer opportunities for advancement of leadership skills. Therefore, we have created a Council of Residents and Fellows (CORF) and will have the first organizational meeting April 20-21 during the national meeting. There will be more information coming after the first of the year and we are excited to engage with this new group of young leaders.   There will be one voting seat on the board of trustees for a member of CORF to represent their council.   We continue to offer informative webinars for free as a service to our members and the osteopathic community.

As we move to become AOGME, we will continue to have the educational offerings free to our members, but membership will be necessary. If you have not been unable to attend any of them, you can watch them on demand.  They are recorded. Our next webinar is scheduled for December 13:“Osteopathic Focused Grand Rounds:  Supporting an Osteopathic Learning Environment”.  I am happy to see that there have been several applications for the Collegium of Fellows for AODME.  With the vast talent and dedication of our membership, I know that there are more of you that deserve this honor as well.   There is still time to apply and the deadline is not until December 31, 2017.  The application can be found at this link.    

Registration will be opening up soon for the 2018 Annual Meeting in Washington DC, April 18-21.   “Educating Leaders 2018:  Building Successful Collaborations” will have a broad selection of topics to meet all of our member’s needs.   As we had last year, there will be a GME track for those of our members who want to focus on topics that are related to the GME office, SAS, Osteopathic Recognition and Leadership.  We expect registration to open soon with an early bird discount.Watch for announcements in your email and on the website. As always, we are here to serve our members and assist in the GME community. If there is anything that we can do to assist your educational needs or ACGME applications, please send us an email and we will reach out to you. 

All my best,  

Joanne K. Baker, DO, FACOI, FAODME, FHM


October 2017 

Dear Fellow AODME Members, 

I hope you are enjoying this fall as much as I am with the cool mornings, warm afternoons and changing colors.  I realize that fall will be different depending on where you are located, but in Michigan it is beautiful right now. With all the happenings in the country right now including mass shootings, hurricanes, and record wild fires, we need to pause and take time to appreciate the moment and the blessings in our lives. Our hearts go out to all of those directly or indirectly affected by the tragedies this fall. For many of you, recruiting is underway and many fourth year students are traveling to meet your programs. It is a busy time of year and our board has been working hard to move the unification process forward on the timeline that we had created.  The details will be announced after the AACOM Board meeting in mid

November, but I can tell you that this process of working with AACOM has been collegial and welcoming. There will be more support for our organization to do and offer more for our members. We have a similar goal in mind and that has helped to keep us moving toward the same timeline. We hope to have the process formalized on January 1, 2018 and it appears that will be attainable. Details to be sent later this fall. Our webinars have been well attended and our speakers have been very informative. If you have not been able to attend any of them, you can find them on our website and watch them at a time that is convenient to you.  Our next webinar is scheduled for November 1st  at 4pm EST with Dr. John Gimpel giving us an update on NBOME and COMLEX-USA. The COMLEX 3 exam is changing and by September 2018 it will be a two-day exam – tune in to hear more details about the changes that are coming.  We have more scheduled for the winter of 2018. Please let us know if you have a need for a topic to be addressed and we will get that on the schedule. As many of you are going through the ACGME application process, you may come across road blocks or difficulties in how to fill out the application. Please contact us with any questions or concerns and we will direct your question to the appropriate board member or resource.  Our next AODME Sponsored event will be a joint one with ACGME. For the second year, we will be co-sponsoring a workshop on March 1, 2018 on topics around Single Accreditation System and Osteopathic Recognition. Check back here for announcements on how to register for this meeting.There is still time to apply for the honor of being inducted into the Collegium of Fellows for AODME. The application can be found at this link. The deadline to get your application in is December 31, 2017.

Dr. Joanne Mitchell, chair of the collegium, will be organizing a meeting at our spring conference to identify and broaden our role in the new Assembly of Osteopathic Graduate Medical Educators. The CME committee for AACOM and AODME have been working hard to narrow down the topics and speakers for the 2018 Annual Meeting in Washington DC April 18-21.  We had over 250 submissions for presentations and posters and they are all being reviewed now. The theme for this year’s meeting is Educating Leaders 2018:  Building Successful Collaborations.  As we had last year, there will be a GME track for those of our members who want to focus on topics that are related to the GME office, SAS, Osteopathic Recognition and Leadership.  We expect registration to open in December with an early bird discount. Watch for announcements in your email and on the website. As always, we are here to serve our members and assist in the GME community. If there is anything that we can do to assist your educational needs or ACGME applications, please send us an email and we will reach out to you. 

All my best,  

Joanne K. Baker, DO, FACOI, FAODME, FHM


September 2017

Dear AODME Colleagues, It is hard to believe that fall is just around the corner and for those of us in the North we are feeling cooler mornings. I am sure that many of us have either personal experience or know of someone affected by the two Hurricanes, Harvey and Irma. AODME has colleagues, students and residents that are training in the states affected by these storms and we send out our heartfelt thoughts and prayers for safety and recovery. It is hard to imagine what additional challenges they are all facing both personally and professionally as they care for themselves, their patients, and their studies.

Many thanks to Drs. Hostoffer and Peppers for sharing their work on assisting us with scholarly activity. We have added a new series to our webinar page called Scholar 4 Series. Scholar 4 will help the researcher to develop an abstract, poster, oral presentation, and manuscript. This is a continuation of the Scholar 7 series that is also on our webinar page.

We have more live webinars that are scheduled for this fall with the next one on September 27th. Laura Edgar, EdD will be presenting on The Milestones: The Good, The Bad, and What You Should be Doing. If you are not able to attend the webinar live, the recording will be on the website a short time later for reference at a later date.

Our Joint AACOM and AODME Annual conference will be in Washington D. C. April 18-21, 2018 and the theme for this meeting is Educating Leaders 2018. It is not too late to submit a presentation proposal for a poster or oral presentation and the deadline for submission is Thursday, September 21.

We are currently accepting applications for our Collegium of Fellows for the AODME. The application deadline is December 31, 2017 and we would like you to look at the application and crosswalk to see that you may already have what is necessary to apply for this distinguished honor.

Watch for announcements for registration for the upcoming ACGME meeting March 1-4, 2018. AODME will be conducting an osteopathic pre-conference with ACGME that will continue to support our AOA programs as they progress through to the Single Accreditation System.

Our board is continuing to work towards Unification with AACOM and have completed a set of proposed bylaws for AOGME to the AACOM board. The bylaws look to guide how the Assembly will function within AACOM and our continued purpose of supporting leaders in graduate medical education as well as continued support of education on osteopathic principles and Osteopathic Recognition in our GME programs. Our members will have not only the benefits that they currently have with AODME but also have even more opportunities with AACOM and their organization. We will keep you posted as we hear more from the AACOM board.

As we keep wellness in mind for our students and residents, I hope that you all have the opportunity to think of your own well-being and can find time to do something for yourselves in the coming days.


Joanne K. Baker, DO, FAODME


July/August 2017

Dear AODME Colleagues,

July has seen a flurry of activity for the AODME board of trustees! And our pace will continue throughout the rest of the year as we continue to plan for the unification with the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM).

The AODME board met in Chicago for a Strategic Planning Retreat on July 19 and 20. The board continued its strategic planning work from last year with facilitator John Becknell, PhD, as we continue to innovate, assess new opportunities, and determine the best way to support you, our members in the GME community. We emerged from the retreat with a guide to develop the memorandum of understanding with AACOM, draft bylaws for the newly formed Assembly of Graduate Medical Educators (AOGME), and anticipation for the considerable opportunity before us.

Our strategic planning efforts will be ongoing and we have formed a Transition Committee comprised of a subset of board members to work with our attorney on dissolution of AODME and support the transition to AACOM. Along the way, I will keep the membership well informed of every step of the transition.

I was also able to provide an update of AODME activities to the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) board of trustees at their meeting on July 19, and attend the AOA House of Delegates. You can find the resolutions and how they were voted upon by clicking here.

As I mentioned in my last letter, we will be continuing to operate with business as usual until AODME dissolves. We will be continuing all of our member services including our monthly webinar series. There are many interesting topics in the works and please don’t forget to visit the AODME website to view our webinar archive. A recent addition is the Scholar 7 Seriespresented by Robert W. Hostoffer, DO, PhD and Brian P. Peppers, DO, PhD.

The AACOM/AODME Annual Conference Planning Committee had its first meeting on July 24, to begin planning for the 2018 annual conference. Please mark your calendars for April 18 – 21, 2018. The meeting will be held at the Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel. If you are interested in volunteering for the planning committee, please contact AODME staff, Samyuktha Gumidyala, at

Wishing you an enjoyable rest of the summer!


Joanne K. Baker, DO, FAODME


June 2017

Dear AODME Colleagues,

Summer is officially here! Days are longer, temperatures are warmer, and flowers are in bloom. Although our agendas are no less crowded, we are energized by an abundance of sunshine and fresh air!

The AODME Board of Trustees will certainly benefit from summer’s longer days as we begin the process of drafting bylaws and a strategic plan for the newly formed Assembly of Osteopathic Graduate Medical Educators (AOGME), as AODME will exist after its unification with the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM). On May 31, the voting members of AODME approved a resolution to dissolve AODME and pursue unification between AODME and AACOM.

Although the vote is complete, we are at the beginning of a long but exciting road ahead. The process to dissolve AODME and unify with AACOM will take approximately six to eight months. During this time, we will continue to provide all of AODME’s current services to our membership and plan to make the transition as seamless as possible for you, our valued members.

The AODME board is working closely with an attorney on legal and financial matters regarding the dissolution of AODME. At its meeting last week, the AODME board formed a dissolution subcommittee and bylaws subcommittee to begin working on the transition.

In a few short weeks, the AODME board will hold a Strategic Planning Retreat and Business Meeting in Chicago to determine the future direction of our organization. Our goal is to create programming and services that will be of value to osteopathic medical educators and to meet our member’s needs as they educate their residents and faculty on the principles of osteopathic medicine.

While we are in this state of transition, the board would like to keep the members well informed and involved in the organization. We have several opportunities for members to contribute on AODME committees. I encourage you to share your talents on one of AODME’s committees (Communications, Membership, and Education). We are also looking for members to join the planning committee for the 2018 AACOM/AODME Joint Conference, April 18 – 21, in Washington, DC. If you are interested in volunteering to serve on an AODME committee, contact Alexis Curtis, AODME Executive Director, at

We look forward to updating you on the outcomes of the strategic planning meeting.

Joanne K. Baker, DO, FAODME

May 2017

Dear AODME Colleagues,

AODME kicked off the Spring with an excellent joint conference with AACOM in Baltimore! Over 900 members from both organizations had the opportunity to attend sessions on GME, UME and the transitions between the two. With the theme “Educating Leaders: Integrated Health Systems” members could find topics to meet all of their needs. We had 30 sessions including presentations dedicated to GME and SAS as among the topics covered. AODME has enjoyed huge success with our joint meetings and we look forward to planning for next year.

AODME is in the middle of a monumental vote on the future of our organization. After two years of deliberation, debate and thoughtful insight into what our members would need going into the future and to stay within the mission of AODME, the Board of Directors realized that unification with AACOM would give us the best options for support, organization and collaboration. The infrastructure within AACOM will allow AODME to continue with our desire to provide education through webinars, joint meetings with other GME organizations and to create tools that will be helpful to our members to meet their needs in educating their residents and faculty on the principles of osteopathic medicine. We will announce in June what our members have decided upon and will give you a framework of where we go from there.

I am honored to be in the position of leading our organization through this period. While change is difficult for all of us, this is an opportunity to build from our strengths and develop new relationships with other GME organizations while we move forward on building on Osteopathic Principles and Practice. Osteopathic Recognition was created as a result of the Single Accreditation System (SAS) and the ACGME. It signifies the commitment by a program to teach and assess Osteopathic Principles and Practices (OPP) at the graduate medical education level. It is the only way for our residency programs to maintain the continuum from UME to GME and continue to develop, and expand upon the skills of OMT and the principles that were taught at the COM Level. It is imperative that we continue to support our educators and programs to have the resources to apply for Osteopathic Recognition as well as to run the programs with education, materials and expertise and faculty development.

The road through SAS that started in 2015 has been a bumpy one and we are only halfway through the journey to July 1, 2020. One of the other roles for our organization is advocacy for our members and GME programs. We were recently asked by some of our members in Michigan to comment on the recent decision by American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and support the programs that have AOBIM certified program directors. The ABIM has recently decided that they will only allow AOBIM certified program directors to sign off on their graduates to sit for the exam until 2020. During this three-year period, they have opened up the option for all faculty and program directors to sit for their ABIM exam. While the ACGME and the IM RRC have stated that they accept the AOBIM program directors to lead their programs, the ABIM is placing additional restrictions on those programs. The board was polled and gave full support to writing a letter to them regarding our displeasure in this decision. The letter was sent to ABIM on May 19, 2017.

We have many webinars scheduled in the coming months and we will keep you informed on decisions coming down from the AOA and ACGME that affect your training programs. We will provide an update in June, after the vote has closed.

Lynn Mark, DO, MA, FACOFP

April 2017

Dear AODME Colleagues,

Happy Spring!

It is a time for new beginnings. This will be my final letter to you as your President. The year has been an extremely busy one and has gone by quickly. Our annual business meeting is coming up next week during the joint AACOM/AODME conference at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel. The meeting will be held at noon on Wednesday, April 26, in the Waterview B-D rooms.

By now, all members should have received the Unification Statement released by AODME and AACOM. It is important that all active AODME members who registered for the annual meeting are present during the meeting, so that we have a quorum when we vote on the resolution for dissolution of the AODME corporation. There will be a special town hall meeting at 7 a.m. Wednesday, April 26, in the Harborside E Room of the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel to discuss the unification.

Also, during next week’s business meeting, AOA President Boyd Buser, DO, will give an update on the Single Accreditation System, and Margaret Hardy, JD, will give an update on federal legislation concerning GME. In addition, we will be holding elections for the AODME board positions of President, President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer.

Since my last letter, we held our joint ACGME and AODME Osteopathic Pre-Conference prior to the ACGME Annual Conference in Orlando. It was a successful event – the first time that the ACGME has collaborated with another organization in a meeting. We tried to have presentations that would assist program directors in all stages of the single accreditation process. The ACGME has continued to include the AODME as a participant in the Pursuing Excellence Initiative, as well as the National Collaborative for Improving the Clinical Learning Environment (NCICLE).

Congratulations to AODME member Olivia Ojano Sheehan, PhD, Ohio University, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Sheehan was selected to participate on the planning group for the NCICLE Interprofessional Clinical Learning Environment Symposium planned for this fall. She had been very active in our AODME Leadership programs.

Upcoming events include two webinars in May addressing a very serious problem in our profession—Mental Illness and Suicide Risk in Medical Students and Physicians. Both webinars will be given by Ulrich Vieux, DO. Other upcoming webinar topics include the Scholar series, a number of workshops on research topics that were recorded by Robert Hostoffer, DO, and Brian Peppers, DO, PhD. The Ohio Osteopathic Association is sharing the webinar series and allowing AODME to post the webinars on our website. Sarah James, DO will be giving a webinar on the evaluation process of the Core Competency Committee involving the milestones for Osteopathic Recognition. The date has not yet been set. If you have not viewed any of the live AODME webinars, I highly recommend that you review the list of recorded programs available here on the AODME website. The webinars can be used for faculty development.

As mentioned earlier, this past year has been a busy one. Here is a brief recap:

The AODME Board had its annual retreat last July to determine what we thought was the best option for the future direction of the organization. After many subsequent Board meetings, as well as meetings between the Executive boards of AODME and AACOM, our Board determined that the best option would be joining with AACOM. The AODME Board is now recommending to our membership that we dissolve the AODME corporation in order to unify with AACOM.
The AODME has a website that has been updated. Multiple webinars have been available with topics ranging from Osteopathic Recognition to GME–related subjects.
In our Newsline, we have started to showcase stories that relate to our webinar presenters, as well as other topics that may be of interest to readers, such as Osteopathic Medicine, GME and/or UME. I encourage members to submit topics to our staff. You do not need to write your own article, although we will not discourage you if you choose to do so.
AODME brought forth a resolution to PTRC last year that resulted in a change in policy concerning postponement of AOA inspections for programs currently undergoing the ACGME application process.
We have been involved with ACGME in multiple venues including:

Participation in the Pursuing Excellence Initiative meetings
Participation in the National Collaborative for Improving the Clinical Learning Environment (NCICLE)
Providing comment to the ACGME Common Program Requirements Section VI, as well as recommendations for the revision of Sections
Collaboration on the Joint Osteopathic Pre-Conference at the ACGME Annual Conference
There are a number of people whom I would like to thank:

The AODME Board, especially the Executive Board, for their tremendous assistance and support during the past year
The AODME staff members Alexis Curtis, Andrew P. Peck, and Neal Katz, who worked diligently to help accomplish our goals
Margaret Hardy, JD, who has been a huge asset through her counsel and assistance
All AODME webinar presenters for this past year
AODME members who serve on AOA bureaus, councils and committees on behalf of our organization
AODME Board members Dana Shaffer, DO and Juan Acosta, DO, who respectively served as Chairs of our Communication and Educational Programs committees
OPTI Council members Howard Shulman, DO (Chair) and Richard LaBaere, DO (Co-Chair)
All AODME members for their support during the year
It has been a privilege and honor to serve this organization as your president. I have learned much from the experience. Little did I know that I chose an appropriate quotation- “The Man in the Arena” by Theodore Roosevelt as part of my President’s speech last year. It has been a challenging journey, but one that I feel was necessary. I am optimistic and look forward to working with the organization as the new AOGME. We will move on and evolve as we strive to increase training programs on osteopathic principles and to provide assistance and support for these programs thus continuing to train the physicians of the future.

Lynn Mark, DO, MA, FACOFP


February/March 2017

Dear AODME Colleagues,

Spring is almost here. I think. In the Northeast it feels as though someone has been playing with nature’s thermostat. One day it’s warm and sunny and the next day it’s brutally cold.

Regardless of the weather you’ve been having, I hope you did well during the Osteopathic National Match that occurred in February. According to the AOA there was a 73 percent match this year and I hope that you matched with your top candidates. Family Medicine programs had the highest match rate followed by internal medicine and emergency medicine. More specific information is available on the National Match information.

Before I continue with my letter, I would like to take the time to thank Steven Gates, D.O., for his time and dedication to AODME during his tenure on our Board. Unfortunately, Dr. Gates has resigned as President-Elect due to personal family and professional obligations. We are sorry to see Dr. Gates step down but understand the circumstances and respect his decision.

In my letter I will cover:

• AODME Webinars
• Featured member article (new)
• Meetings
• CMS update
• COCA Standards revision
• AODME board and alignment update

This month, continuing with our webinar series, we plan to have a presentation addressing barriers to learning, titled: Webinar: Deficit or Defiance?. The presentation is by Rica Amity, Ph.D., N.C.C.

Besides delivering our webinars, AODME staff works hard to get the Newsline out and are always looking for stories of interest for our members. In previous Newsline issues we have had interviews with people who have given AODME webinars, are involved with upcoming AODME events and/or are providing services that assist our members. I think that AODME members would also like to hear about fellow members who are doing something different, have recommendations on how to do something better or have received an award/acknowledgement for something pertaining to Osteopathic Medical Education. We start this month with an article about Sandra Koehn, D.O, an Internal Medicine resident in an Osteopathic Recognized program at the WMU Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine. Dr. Koehn helped teach OMM to a group of Malagasy physicians during an international health elective in Madagascar.

Upcoming meetings include the ACGME annual conference, which will be held in Orlando, Florida, next week; with the first joint ACGME/AODME Osteopathic Pre-Conference being held on Thursday, March 9th. Registration is also open for the joint AACOM/AODME meeting, April 26-28 in Baltimore. The AODME annual meeting and elections will be held on Wednesday, April 26th. Joint Meeting Registration.

In Margaret Hardy’s CMS report, she summarizes CMS’ announcements concerning Closed Hospital Redistributions Rounds 8-10. She also points out that teaching hospitals need to have written agreements concerning training and financial arrangements with non-provider (or non-hospital) sites where their trainees rotate.

The American Osteopathic Association’s Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA) has made some revisions to their accreditation standards. Items include the credentials of the Chair of a College of Osteopathic Medicine’s (COM) Department of OMM, Educational Consortium Membership and Osteopathic Recognition GME. The standards are open for public comment until Sunday, March 5. COCA standards revisions for information.

In my January letter, I mentioned that the AODME Board has had serious discussions concerning the future of AODME. Members from the AODME and the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) Executive Board/Council of Deans met and discussed what type of relationship the two organizations could have together. The two organizations together would provide a continuum of Osteopathic education- UME and GME. More information will be available prior to our April AODME Annual Business meeting. As I had mentioned before, the final decision regarding the future of AODME will be made by you, our members.

If you have something interesting pertaining to Osteopathic Medical Education that you would like to share with other AODME members or have any recommendations for webinar topics, please email: Alexis Curtis, AODME Affiliate Executive.


Lynn Mark, DO, MA, FACOFP

January 2017

Dear AODME Colleagues,

Happy New Year!

Although we are moving into the second month of 2017, we are just entering the Year of the Rooster in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. With the festivities of the holidays behind and a New Year in front, we can look forward to fresh starts and new beginnings. In a little over a week on February 6, the results of the Osteopathic National Match will be released. Hopefully, programs will match with their top candidates for the upcoming academic year.

Topics that I will cover in this letter include:
1. AODME Website’s new look
2. Webinars
3. March ACGME/ AODME Osteopathic Pre- conference
4. April AACOM/AODME joint conference schedule
5. Future of AODME

I am happy to report that the AODME website has been updated and has a new look. The AODME Enhancing Communication committee and AODME staff did an amazing job. Members are able to register on line for the April joint AACOM/AODME meeting. Click here to see our new website design!

Our webinars are continuing this year. Earlier this month we hosted “Lessons Learned from a Resident Wellness Program,” presented by Sharon Rouse, D.O. and “Resident Resilience,” presented by Kristina Sturgill, D.O.

The two webinars scheduled for February include: “Integrating an Osteopathic Curriculum into Your Residency,” presented by Sandra Snyder, D.O. and “Recognizing the Signs of Residents in Distress,” presented by Harold (Hal) Elliot, M.D. Please note that the webinars are recorded and available on the AODME website if you miss the live sessions.

Coming up soon is the March 9 Joint ACGME/AODME Osteopathic Pre-Conference in Orlando, Florida. This will be the first time that AODME has collaborated with ACGME. AOA Category 1A credit will be available for this program. The sessions will be helpful for anyone involved in the transition spectrum to ACGME accreditation- new to the process (hopefully not that many of you), and to those who have already achieved initial accreditation. Lorenzo Pence, D.O., ACGME Senior Vice-President, Osteopathic Accreditation was interviewed regarding this upcoming event. Click here for the article.

In April, the joint AACOM/AODME conference will be held in Baltimore, MD. This is an opportune time for UME and GME educators to learn about what is going on in the worlds of medical education. Please note that the AODME conference will run from Wednesday, April 26 to Friday, April 28. AODME will not have a Saturday session.

Last but not least – what is the future of AODME? With the transition to the ACGME Single Accreditation System, we are unable to continue on the path we have followed in the past. Our future is a question that both the AODME Board and membership have been asking. Last year we surveyed our membership regarding the organization. The results were presented at the last annual membership meeting. The board took the survey into consideration during our strategic planning retreat last summer and also during our monthly board meetings.

Both the AODME board and I want our members to be aware of what is going on. At this time we are having serious discussions with the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM). Our organization may not continue in its present form; however, we want what is best for the organization. We also want to continue providing value to both present and future osteopathic graduate medical educators. It should be understood that the final decision regarding AODME will be made by you, our members. There will be more information available soon.

Best of luck with the upcoming Match!

Lynn Mark, DO, MA, FACOFP

December 2016

Dear AODME Colleagues,

Happy Holidays! I hope that everyone has managed to spend some quality time with family and friends celebrating Bodhi Day, Mawlid-an-Nabi Day, Winter Solstice, Festivus, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or any other holiday in December that I may have missed mentioning. The end of the year is a time of reflection- where we have been, where we are and where we are going.

Earlier this year, AODME had a successful annual conference in Portland, Oregon. Everyone was able to both learn and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow osteopathic educators. During this time the AODME OPTI Council brought forth a resolution to the AODME Board concerning an alternative pathway for AOA accreditation for programs undergoing the ACGME accreditation process. The resolution, titled Alternative Pathway for AOA Accreditation for AOA Accredited Programs With Accreditation Council For Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Pre-Accreditation and Continuing Pre-Accreditation, went to the AOA Program and Trainee Review Council (PTRC) and Council on Osteopathic Postdoctoral Training (COPT), where a modified version was approved. Programs may request a postponement of their AOA inspection from their specialty college for up to two years provided they fulfill certain criteria.

AODME also presented live monthly webinars which have been archived on our website. I would like to again thank Boyd Buser, DO, Sarah James, DO, Kimberly Wolf, DO, Robert Orenstein, DO, and Tiffany Moss, MBA for their time and effort to prepare and present their webinars. If you were unable to participate in our live webinars, it is still possible to view the recordings on the AODME website. Webinar topics include: the Single Accreditation System, Scholarly Activity, AOA Board Certification and the National Match.

AODME continues to be involved with ACGME. AODME Board members are on ACGME Review Committees and AODME has become involved with the Pursuing Excellence Partner Advisory Group and Sponsoring Institution 2025 Task Force. In addition, AODME has submitted comments regarding revisions to the ACGME Common Program Requirements Sections I-V and has submitted comments to the proposed major revisions to Section VI. It is interesting to note that there are some significant proposed revisions to Section VI, which include increasing the maximum hours of clinical education and work for first-year residents from sixteen to twenty four hours.

Moving forward, in 2017 we plan to launch our new AODME website which will have a different look and will be updated with useful information on a regular basis. Our live webinars will continue. We will start 2017 with webinars on Resident Wellness. Physician wellness is a very hot topic with growing concern about physician burnout and suicide. Our first webinar will be on January 11th—“Resident Resilience”, presented by Kristina Sturgill, DO, Family Medicine Program Director, Henry Ford Allegiance Health.

We will continue to have webinars pertaining to scholarly activity and ACGME accreditation. Many Osteopathic programs are in different stages of the application process for ACGME accreditation and will continue to need assistance. Earlier this year the AOA had launched their Single Accreditation System Application Assistance Program which provides consultation services for AOA programs transitioning over to ACGME accreditation. Consultation services range from the initial application process to a mock ACGME review. There is no charge to the AOA programs for the service. Jorge “Rico” Blanco, Project Manager–Education is the contact at the AOA.

In March and April we will have our joint programs with ACGME and AACOM, respectively. Both programs will have very interesting and timely information pertaining to GME. AOA CME credit will be available for both programs. More information will be available soon.

Last but definitely not least, the AODME board has been and will continue to work on the future of our organization. This has not been an easy task.

As we end 2016, I thank the AODME Board and AODME membership for their continuing support. I look forward to AODME’s continuing collaboration with other educational organizations so as to provide our members with the tools and assistance they need for having quality programs. I encourage all members to let me know if there are any GME topics you would like to see presented as a webinar or any other educational resources that would be of assistance.

Best Wishes for a very Joyous and Healthy 2017!


Lynn Mark, DO, MA, FACOFP

November 2016

Dear AODME Colleagues,

It has been an interesting past month, but the controversial elections are finally behind us. We will soon see what changes – if any – will be made in healthcare policy that will impact our patients, training programs and ourselves as physicians.

Besides the elections, many other events have occurred. Concerning GME, ACGME has released the first Milestones Annual Report which presents the national Milestones data for 31 specialties in an aggregate form for the July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2016, academic year. ACGME had requested comments from a number of organizations, including AODME, with regard to changes to the ACGME Common Program Requirements, Sections I-V. A response was submitted. ACGME has also invited comment on the proposed Common Program Requirements for Section VI. It is interesting to note that one of the proposed changes is to remove the 16-hour consecutive work hour restriction that is in place for first year residents only. The proposed change would raise the duty hour limit to be consistent with the requirement for upper level residents: 24 hours plus 4 hours for transition in case.

AODME continues its semimonthly webinars. This past month, Boyd Buser, D.O, President of the AOA, gave a presentation on “AOA Board Certification/The Match: Fact vs. Rumor“. Tiffany Moss, Executive Director for Osteopathic Accreditation, ACGME, gave a presentation on “Osteopathic Recognition: Understanding the Application and Common Pitfalls”.

Please note that all webinars are recorded and can be viewed if you missed the live presentation. The upcoming webinar for December will be addressing physician well-being. On Dec 15th, Harold (Hal) Elliot, MD, Program Director, Psychiatry, Henry Ford Allegiance Health, will give a presentation on “Recognizing the Signs of Residents in Distress”. There will be only one webinar given in December because of the holidays.

Concerning joint programs, the upcoming March 2017 ACGME/AODME Osteopathic Pre-Conference schedule is posted on the ACGME website. We are working on possibly obtaining AOA credit for this program. The AACOM/AODME conference schedule is being finalized. The abstracts have been reviewed and presentations are being selected.

In addition to providing services that are of value to our members, and continuing to provide joint programs with various organizations, the AODME Board continues to discuss what options will be in the best interest of the organization and the Osteopathic profession in the future.

Best wishes for very Happy Holidays to you and your families!


Lynn Mark, DO, MA, FACOFP

October 2016

Dear AODME Colleagues,

Happy Fall!

The interview season is busily underway. Please note: AOA-accredited training programs that that require four years or more to complete training and are recruiting for the 2017-18 academic year, must submit their applications for ACGME accreditation by Dec. 31, 2016. Programs that have not achieved ACGME Accreditation or Pre-Accreditation status by December will not be allowed to participate in the AOA National Match in January 2017.

Those programs that are currently in the ACGME Pre-Accreditation or Continued Pre-Accreditation status and are due for an AOA accreditation visit may request a review postponement of up to 24 months from their specialty college, provided that the program received a five-year continuing approval on its last AOA inspection. The request for postponement must be submitted to a program’s OPTI no later than two months prior to the scheduled review. Please contact your OPTI or Ms. Maura Biszewski, Director of Postdoctoral Training, AOA for further information.

Our AODME webinars for the month of October continue to address scholarly activity. Robert Orenstein, DO – Editor-in-Chief of JAOA – presented his first webinar on scholarly activity on Oct. 11; his second presentation will take place on Oct. 25. All webinars are recorded and available on the AODME website.

Webinars are also being planned for November. On November 17, Tiffany Moss – Executive Director, ACGME Osteopathic Practice and Principles Committee – will present Osteopathic Recognition: Understanding the Application and Common Pitfalls.

AOA President Boyd Buser, DO will be presenting a webinar on AOA Certification and the AOA National Match on November 7.
Please check your email for invitations to participate in all upcoming Webinars. Also, let us know if there are any topics that may be of interest to you and your programs.

I am happy to report that our collaboration with AACOM and ACGME on planning joint educational programs for 2017 is progressing smoothly. I hope to share more details in next month’s AODME Newsline.

Lynn Mark, DO, MA, FACOFP

September 2016

Dear AODME Colleagues,

Summer is gone and Fall is here! The days are passing by quickly but AODME is continuing to provide member services through:

Webinars that provide assistance to our members concerning Osteopathic Recognition and Scholarly Activity. Upcoming webinars will be held on October 11 and 25.
Collaboration with the AOA on the inspection process for AOA programs that are in ACGME pre-accreditation or continuing pre-accreditation status.
Partnership in varying capacities with AACOM and ACGME on their 2017 conferences and possibly with other organizations in the future./li>
As programs are busy interviewing for next year’s residency class, many of them are in the process of submitting their applications for ACGME accreditation and/or for Osteopathic Recognition for those that are dually accredited. During the past month, AODME has presented live webinars about the Osteopathic Recognition application process, the curriculum for the Osteopathic Recognition program and Osteopathic Recognition Scholarly Activity. All four webinars were well-received and are available here on the AODME website for those of you who missed them live.

Upcoming live AODME webinars in October are also about Osteopathic Scholarly Activity. Robert Orenstein, D.O., Editor-in-Chief of the JAOA, will be giving two presentations under the title How to Create Scholarly Activity for the Clinician—Part I focuses on “Creating Scholarly Activity” and Part II involves “Getting Published”. We are continuing to provide webinars that will be helpful to our members. If there are topics you would like us to address, please let AODME know. The presentations pertaining to GME and AOA/ACGME accreditation that were given during our 2016 annual meeting in Portland were recorded and are also available on our website. Notices about our upcoming webinars are sent out via e-mail and Twitter. As mentioned in the past, AODME is increasing its use of social media and we are now active on Twitter and Facebook. Please stop by those pages and give us a “Follow” and a “Like” to stay up to the minute on all AODME news and events.

Last month at the AOA Cluster (COPTI, PTRC and COPT) meetings, the AODME resolution – ALTERNATIVE PATHWAY FOR AOA ACCREDITATION FOR AOA ACCREDITED PROGRAMS WITH ACCREDITATION COUNCIL FOR GRADUATE MEDICAL EDUCATION (ACGME) PRE-ACCREDITATION AND CONTINUING PRE-ACCREDITATION – was approved in a modified version. AOA programs that are due for an AOA inspection and have both received five years of continuing approval at their last AOA accreditation site visit and are in ACGME Pre-Accreditation or Continuing Pre-Accreditation status, can request a possible postponement of their AOA site visit for up to 24 months from their Osteopathic Specialty College. It may be necessary to submit supplemental information to the Specialty Colleges prior to being considered for a postponement. Another resolution that was submitted to COPT by the AODME OPTI Council relates to site reviews for new fellowship applications.

As I had mentioned in my last letter, AODME is continuing to work to determine what our future organization will be. We are planning to discontinue our own stand-alone annual meetings and are considering having joint meetings with other organizations. We already have joint meetings with AACOM. The theme for the 2017 AACOM/AODME joint conference is “Educating Leaders for Integrated Health Systems.” The meeting will be in Baltimore, Maryland from April 26-29, 2017. Abstracts and meeting requests are due by 10 a.m. CT Monday, September 26. AODME is also considering collaboration with AHME (Association for Hospital Medical Education).

Recently, ACGME partnered with AODME on the Osteopathic Pre-Conference Program that will be held on March 9, 2017, as part of the Annual ACGME Educational Conference. The theme of the 2017 ACGME conference is Igniting Innovation, and it will be held from March 9-12, in Orlando, Florida. Please note that the Osteopathic Pre-Conference is on the same day as the DIO, new Program Directors and Coordinators Pre-Conferences. If feasible, it would be best to have multiple staff members attending the various Pre-Conferences, so that your organization can acquire as much information as possible. Also, if you register for one of the Pre-Conference, you aren’t locked into only attending that one meeting. You are allowed to switch into one of the other Pre-Conference sessions if a topic is of interest to you.

As I end my letter, I hope that you, our members, realize that AODME is not just about an annual conference. Our organization has been working diligently to help provide services that will help you and your program via AODME and through our collaborations with other educational organizations. Please make use of what we have to offer. If you have suggestions or recommendations, or if you would like to volunteer for one of our committees, please let AODME know.

Lynn Mark, DO, MA, FACOFP

July 2016

Dear AODME Colleagues,

It’s been two months since our very successful annual conference and business meeting in Portland, Oregon, which was attended by more than 231 AODME members. I want to thank those of you who participated and encourage those who did not to attend the 2017 AACOM/AODME joint conference in Baltimore, MD which will be held in April. Lisa Nash, DO will serve as AODME Co-Chair.

I would also like to thank the AODME conference committee, chaired by Joanne Baker, DO, and AODME staff members, Diana Ewert and Elizabeth Harano, for putting together a fantastic program! It was a great opportunity to combine networking and learning with fellow Osteopathic educators. A mixture of ACGME and AOA GME information was presented, and AODME members were able to have one-on-one time with a number of ACGME RC directors. Some of the GME lectures were recorded and are now available for download on the AODME website. Another big thank you goes out to all ACGME staff who participated in our program.

A full AODME Board meeting and an Executive Board meeting have already taken place. I would like to thank those members who have recently left our board for their dedicated service to AODME: David Towle, DO, Robert Hasty, DO, Michael Finley, DO, John Dougherty. DO, and Harold Lausen, DO. The new Board now includes Sandra Snyder, DO, Patricia Matto, DO, and Richard LaBaere, DO. The AODME Board of Trustees at its April board meeting approved resolutions presented by the OPTI Council, chaired by Howard Shulman, DO, that were subsequently presented to the Bureau of Osteopathic Medical Educators (BOME) at their May 23 meeting. One resolution — Alternative Pathway for AOA Accreditation for AOA Accredited Programs with Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Pre-Accreditation and Continuing Pre-Accreditation — has been approved by the BOME and will be discussed at the upcoming August PTRC and COPT meetings. This resolution requests the establishment of an alternative pathway to AOA accreditation during the time that a program is in the process of applying for ACGME accreditation. I encourage OPTI members to attend the August meetings to speak on behalf of the resolution for your programs.

Last month, I represented AODME at the ACGME Pursuing Excellence in Clinical Learning Environments Initiative meeting in Chicago, where a group of 21 organizations in healthcare and education collaborated in the selection of semi-finalist institutions for this initiative. Ultimately, up to eight institutions will receive grants from ACGME to help them improve their clinical learning environments, which will benefit both patients and clinicians.

In July, the AODME Board will hold its annual strategic planning meeting in conjunction with the AOA House of Delegates meeting. There will be much discussion about the future of AODME. We appreciate the frankness of your replies to the survey taken prior to our meeting in Portland and will keep your opinions in mind as we move forward.

As a membership organization, AODME must provide value. We will continue to deliver services relating to GME while deciding which organization(s) we should work/align ourselves with in order to provide value to our members. It is unlikely that the AODME of 2020 will be the same as it is now. We hope to work more closely with other organizations involved with medical education—both undergraduate and graduate. We already have a relationship with AACOM with whom we hold joint conferences every other year regarding the UME/GME continuum.

The upcoming year will be filled with challenges as we navigate through unfamiliar territory while osteopathic programs transition into the single accreditation system. However, disruption of the status quo often leads to innovation. We will be tasked with deciding how we must evolve if we are going to continue providing value to AODME members. I am up for the challenge and believe that you are too. I am reaching out to ask AODME members to assist me and your board with this endeavor. Please send me your concerns, as well as your suggestions on how we can make AODME better than ever!


Lynn Mark, DO, MA, FACOFP

May 2016

Dear AODME Colleagues:

April is here, and for many, this will be busiest travel month of the year. AODME, AACOM, and other major medical education groups typically hold their annual conferences in the early spring.

For AODME, 2016 is a stand-alone year. I have been watching plans for our own conference coming together over the past year, and final touches are being made as you read this message. The content has been selected to be both valuable and timely as we work through the process of changing from one GME accreditation system to another. I hope those of you attending will be pleased by the program the education committee has brought us this year.

The AODME Board of Trustees will convene the evening before our annual business meeting, and AACOM President Dr. Steve Shannon will be our guest. We hope to discuss further a closer alignment between our two organizations. AOA President-elect Dr. Boyd Buser will also join us at the beginning of the meeting to address our concerns about progress toward creating the single accreditation system.

As I look back over emails I have received and reflect on my conversations with many of you during this past year, your challenges and fears are not lost upon me. I have heard your concerns clearly about increased operating costs arising from the transition, mostly associated with the need to add personnel and services. I also recognize your frustration over the uncertainty of our future, as well as yours as individuals. I intend to discuss these and other issues directly with Dr. Buser on your behalf.

Dr. Buser will join us for the annual business meeting itself as part of a Q&A session with AOA leadership. I will be sending out a brief survey before the meeting to capture some of your concerns. This survey will also provide an opportunity for you to comment on the future of AODME.

Our conversation about operational alignment and management services continues with AACOM. I will be attending several sessions with their Board of Deans to discuss these topics when the conference begins next week.

Given the overlap of the undergraduate and GME clinical learning environments, it makes sense for us to dialogue with AACOM to determine opportunities to collaborate. Working together, we will continue to address these two phases of the continuum of osteopathic medical education. The AODME Board of Trustees continues to speak with other groups that might allow us to expand our operational effectiveness.

With all that is changing around us, some of the key questions we face as an organization are:

Who are we?
Why do we exist?
What do/will our members need?
Who will our members be in the future?
I believe we have been given an opportunity to maintain an important role in the future. It is created through current efforts by several prominent organizations to understand and define the clinical learning environment. This “space” is open to continuous improvement and to the influence of osteopathic principles and practices. It is worthy of consideration for AODME to work collaboratively with other groups (like AACOM) to provide the leadership necessary to impact the way the physician of tomorrow is trained today.

It can be difficult to imagine the future and envision what could be when you are dealing with the daily reality of what is (the details of completing the institution sponsorship and program applications, for example), but I implore you not to lose sight of the role we can play in transforming healthcare education and delivery in the United States. We continue to hear education leaders express their opinions about the need to strengthen the UME-GME continuum and to increase the role of community-based training. For the past several decades, these concepts have helped to shape our operational space and success.

There is no reason for that to change.

I wish you continued good luck with your transition efforts and look forward to seeing you in Portland!