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CORTEx-Formative Assessment Exam for Programs with Osteopathic Recognition

    Oct 09, 2019  -­­  Oct 14, 2019

CORTEx (Clinical Osteopathic Recognition Training Exam) is a formative OPP/OMM exam that will fulfill the Osteopathic Recognition ACGME requirement. CORTEx is designed to help residency programs with Osteopathic Recognition status meet the ACGME requirement to conduct a formative exam. This exam is open to DOs, interns and MDs in AOA accredited and ACGME accredited programs with Osteopathic Recognition. 

Osteopathic Recognition Requirement: V.A.2 Formative Evaluation f. There must be objective formative assessment of osteopathic medical knowledge and procedural skills. This should include:
A standardized assessment of OPP knowledge; and,
An assessment of skill proficiency in OMT, as applicable to the specialty

Resource link: https://www.acofp.org/acofpimis/Acofporg/Members/Program_Directors/Acofporg/Program_Directors/Residency_Program_Directors.aspx