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Single GME Accreditation System News

New Single GME Accreditation System Resources Available

The ACGME’s Office of Distance Learning is pleased to announce the availability of several new educational resources for osteopathic programs applying for ACGME accreditation during the transition to a single GME accreditation system and for the graduate medical education community. These include presentations from the 2017 Annual Educational Conference and Osteopathic Pre-Conference on:
  • AOA Board Certification Update
  • AOA and NRMP Matches
  • AOA and Scholarly Activity
  • A Year in the Life of a Program Director
  • Overview of the Milestones and the Clinical Competency Committee
  • Osteopathic Recognition-Promoting the Desired Learning Environment
  • Dr. Robert Cain on Osteopathic Medicine
  • Implementing the 2017 Common Program Requirements
  • Dr. Kelly Skeff’s Keynote Address
  • Dr. Thomas Nasca’s CEO Address

These educational resources are available to members of the GME community through Bridge, the ACGME’s Learning Management System. Visit the ACGME Bridge login portal to create an account. Program directors, coordinators, and designated institutional officials will also find a link to Bridge in the Accreditation Data System (ADS) under the “Resources” tab.

Contact the ACGME Office of Distance Learning at de@acgme.org with any questions.

Other Resources

Several other resources are available to those applying for and transitioning to ACGME accreditation. Updated and enhanced tools and information are available regularly in the Single GME Accreditation System section of the ACGME website.

Additionally, while these e-Communication messages are sent automatically to certain individuals in pre-accredited and accredited institutions and programs as identified in the ADS record, other individuals in such institutions and programs, as well as in programs not yet holding these statuses, can also receive these messages. Simply e-mail acgmecommunications@acgme.org to request to be added to the distribution list. Please feel free to share this information with others who may be interested in or benefit from receiving the information included in these e-Communications.

An updated summary table on program director qualifications in the single accreditation system is available online for review.

Osteopathic Recognition Under Single Accreditation

Click below to view the recording of the April 6 webinar recording featuring Robert Cain, DO reviewing the current status of the work of the Osteopathic Principals Committee and Osteopathic Recognition under the single accreditation system.




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