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Confronting Reality, Part 1: Addressing Mental Illness among Medical Students and Physicians

Date: Wednesday, May 10, 2017


  • Ulrick Vieux, DO, MSPsychiatry Residency Program Director—Orange Regional Medical Center
    Chief, Outpatient Clinic
    Associate Professor in Clinical Psychiatry—TouroCOM
  • Stephanie Kuntz, DO

You can run away from mental illness but mental illness will not run away from you.” — Dionne R. Powell, MD-Supervising training analyst at Columbia University

Unfortunately the medical profession is not immune to mental illness. Several high profile tragedies have occurred during the past year, in which medical students, residents and attending physicians have committed suicide. The question is raised: Were these individuals pushed to suicide due to the rigors of medicine or were they already predisposed? Resident and physician wellness is an initiative that many GME programs are taking an active role in addressing and providing support for. The purpose of this-two part seminar is to identify at-risk individuals and to demystify mental illness; thereby providing opportunities and solutions to address this problem.

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