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Osteopathic Research: A How To Guide, Part 1 of 2

Date: Wednesday, September 7, 2016


  • Kimberly Wolf, DOCo-Program Director of Dual Pediatrics Residency Program and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Nationwide Children’s Hospital/Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Evidence-based medicine has become the cornerstone of medicine for the future. Osteopathic evidence-based medicine has historically been lacking. As we move towards the single GME accreditation system the need for scholarly activity, including osteopathic research, is becoming more apparent. In this two-part webinar series, Dr. Wolf will provide an introduction to osteopathic research to help guide your programs through this process. In the first presentation, we will cover the current state of osteopathic research and review the need for a stronger osteopathic physician presence in creating the evidence that shapes our policies and patient care. The second presentation will delve deeper into how to successfully complete an osteopathic research project. Through this webinar, one will not only gain perspective on the need for evidence in our field, but also be provided the tools to help make this happen.

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