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Resident Resilience

Date: Tuesday, January 24, 2017


  • Kristina Sturgill, DOFamily Medicine Program Director, Henry Ford Allegiance Health

Resident Resilience and resident wellness are topics that have been launched into the forefront of residency training. To take a step back, we will first briefly look at factors that contribute to physician satisfaction and burnout, then we will discuss factors that contribute to resident satisfaction and burnout. The webinar highlights the importance of establishing professional boundaries and margins to improve quality of life as well as support resident well-being. Finally, we will discuss the importance of identifying and understanding personal values and goals. These then become the “true North” when weighting decisions regarding the balance of personal well-being and work-life demands.

• Identify Factors that Contribute to Physician Satisfaction and Burnout
• How to establish professional boundaries and margins to improve quality of life
• Understanding personal values and goals to help maintain Residents’ resilience

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