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The Milestones: The Good, The Bad, and What You Should be Doing


Laura Edgar, EdD, CAEExecutive Director, Milestones Development and Review Committee for Medical Genetics and Genomics

Date: Wednesday, September 27, 2017

This webinar will include background for the Milestones and the CCC. It will also include an explanation of how to identify and exemplify good group process which is essential to an efficient and effective CCC. The webinar will also review how you can use activities related to creating a shared mental model for the Milestones and assessments as faculty development. Finally, the webinar will include resources currently available to aid your programs.


  • Be able to discuss how Milestones are being used by programs, residents, and the ACGME
  • Be able to lead your CCC and core faculty in the development of a shared mental model of the Milestones

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