Lincoln Memorial University-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine

Chondraah Holmes


Future Goals: My future goal is to be a practicing physician that walks the journey of linking the infrastructure of health policy, public health, and medicine all in one. As for specific career goals, I hope to go into pediatrics and eventually specialize in Neonatology. 

Minorities in Medicine who have inspired you: Some minorities in medicine that have inspired me include: Dr. Stephaine Walker, Dr. Theodora Pinnock, and the late pioneer Dr. Daniel Hale Williams (just to name a few!)

Describe a hardship you’ve faced as a minority student pursuing medicine: Sometimes, in the brink of the grueling schedule of a medical student, I have found myself battling with imposter syndrome, where the question arises "do I truly deserve to be here?" Not in the sense of ‘do I deserve to be at my institution,’ but ‘do I deserve to be in medical school,’ period. This coupled with the scarce examples of successful minority role models can make the journey difficult. However, every day that I march on to learn a new body system or anytime I do a patient encounter and see the look of ease and complete comfort on my patient's face—knowing that I am not alone in this pursuit—I am re-introduced to what I am working so hard to accomplish and it is all totally worth it! 

Advice for URMs who want to pursue medicine: If you believe it, you can achieve it! My journey to medical school has not been straight, narrow, nor perfect by any means. You may find yourself coming in contact with many naysayers and discouraging individuals, but for every negative individual that you come in contact with, there are surely several more positive people that will be rooting for you. Surround yourself with positivity! Something that I always keep in the back of my mind is that "it's impossible to fail if you refuse to give up." Lastly, keep up the hard work and I assure you that it will pay off!

How do you feel empowered in your community? I have been fortunate enough to work with lots of individuals that are from underrepresented populations. I have spoken with them, eaten with them, sometimes cried with them, but most importantly, I have learned from them; it has inspired me. Empowerment is an extension of inspiration. I hope to continue to learn from others and reciprocate that knowledge. In doing so, our entire community becomes empowered.