AACOM's 2020 Financial Aid Debt Management Modules


The American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) offers an online series of educational debt management modules designed to help osteopathic medical students and recent graduates. The modules’ content is updated to ensure consistency with current federal policies and regulations.

Each module contains specific information and resources to help osteopathic medical students borrow strategically and ensure they are prepared to responsibly repay their loans after they graduate and enter residency training.

Financial aid administrators can use this module series to support and enhance their school’s educational debt management programs and counseling. The modules can also be utilized within schools’ general financial literacy programs.

The modules cover a broad scope of important financial aid and budgeting topics:


1.Borrowing Considerations and Repayment Options

In this module, students receive an overview of borrowing and repayment methods when deciding upon financial aid.


2. Student Loan and Financial Best Practices

This module helps students identify useful processes for managing student debt.


3. Choosing Between Federal and Private Repayment and Forgiveness Programs

This module provides helpful advice on federal and private repayment and forgiveness programs.


4. Modern Student Loan Repayment Case Studies for Today’s Osteopathic Medical School Graduates

This module consolidates information from the preceding modules to help borrowers create a long-term loan management strategy.


5. Managing Your Income and Finances Early in Your Career: Strategies for Osteopathic Medical School Graduates

The final module provides several practical, lifelong habits to develop as you enter the early stages of your career.

AACOM offers these modules as part of a continuing commitment to help provide osteopathic medical students, graduates, and financial aid professionals at the nation’s osteopathic medical schools with the best educational debt management assistance possible to help manage their financial aid portfolio.

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