2019 Sherry R. Arnstein Minority Scholarship Application

For Continuing DO Students

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  1. Write a 750-word (maximum), double-spaced essay. Each page must contain your full name and the page number at the top of the page. The essay should answer the following questions:
    • How and why were you drawn to osteopathic medicine? 
      (limited to 150 words of the total 750- word limit)
    • Describe a significant challenge that you experienced as a URM aspiring or current medical student.  Please tell us your ideas that could help others overcome similar challenges.
    • We are looking for ideas and innovative solutions. What could osteopathic medical schools do to recruit and retain more underrepresented minority students?
  2. Complete this application and upload your essay.
  3. IMPORTANT FINAL STEP: Print and complete this confirmation form. There is a place for your college's student affairs officer to sign. Please scan and return the signed form to jshepperd@aacom.org by March 31, 2019.

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