Some individuals know exactly what makes them ‘tick,’ but we all can benefit from learning more.

The inventories below will help you to learn more about yourself. Is it important for you to create long-lasting relationships with patients for whom you provide care?   Is the successful completion of a surgery more important to you, or will talking with the patient and patient’s family provide more satisfaction?

Some of these basic pieces of personal information can help you to make a decision about a medical specialty, as can your values regarding your work and personal time, importance of family time, knowing a lot about a little or knowing a little about a lot of medical fields.   

You may think that you know exactly what you want to be once you graduate from medical school, and you may be correct.  On the other hand, it will be of personal benefit to look objectively at the options and make decisions based on your values.  Once you are into year 3 of a surgical residency (for example), it will be difficult to change course and pursue a completely different residency option.

Check out the sites below to learn more about yourself and to explore a variety of medical specialties.