Allopathic General Surgery Residency

Q: How did I decide on General Surgery?

  • I enjoyed my work on my clinical rotations and I really like the opportunity to do work with my hands. I also enjoy trauma.

Q: How long did the application & interview process take me?

  • I started preparing my application during my 3rd year, but I officially did it between August and Sept 1 for the application and I interviewed between October and January.

Q: What was I looking for in a residency program?

  • Strong academics, recent grads getting into good fellowships, opportunity for research, good skills lab, and strong faculty.

Q: Did I register for both allopathic and osteopathic ERAS sites?

  • no allopathic only

Q: How did I decide between pursing an allopathic or an osteopathic residency?

  • The osteopathic residencies rotated through many hospitals, had smaller programs, and were limited by location, so I did not consider them.

Q: How many programs did I apply to?

  • 48

Q: How many of these programs did I rotate at during 3rd and 4th years?

  • 3

Q: How many programs offered me an interview? When did I schedule my interviews?

  • 1
  • 5, scheduled as above

Q: Did I cancel any interviews? How did I go about cancelling interviews?

  • Yes, I basically emailed them no thank

Q: What is a Surgical Residency interview like? Any interviewing tips?

  • Need to have a reason why you want to be a surgeon, how you are going to deal with the stress of surgical residency, and an interesting case. + all the stereotypical questions. General surgery interviews usually don't pimp. I recommend Iserson's Guide for help with this.

Q: Did I go on any second-looks? How did I schedule my second-looks?

  • No

Q: When did I decide on my rank order list?

  • Throughout interviewing process

Q: Where did I match?

  • University of Arizona, my 1st choice

Q: Any other comments that would be helpful for those applying to my specialty:

  • Get good letters (especially during 3rd year clerkship), need good USMLEs, and showcase places that have DOs on faculty or in the program, and get honors on surgery.