Allopathic Radiology Residency

Q: How did I decide on radiology?

  • Throughout medical school, I was fascinated by intricacy of anatomy and was exposed to cross sectional imaging during gross anatomy. I was awestruck by the incredible speed, accuracy and detail produced in modern radiologic studies. Couple this with the exposure to the broadest possible range of specialties, the fact that almost all of the radiologists I met loved their jobs and that this field is highly innovative and at the forefront of medicine the choice became easy. Another factor I took into account is that my wife and I are having children and I wanted a more controllable schedule so we could be together more.

Q: How long did the application & interview process take me?

  • It took a few weeks to get the application done, you should really be doing this throughout third year and especially get letters early. I interviewed for 3 months as rads is competitive and you need a long rank list in order to better avoid going unmatched.

Q:  What was I looking for in a residency program?

  • Primarily, I was looking for excellent teaching and people whom I felt I fit in well with. Location was also important, as were opportunities for my wife. Another thing that is important for radiology is to go to a place with high volumes of patients and a lot of diversity as you are expected to know a lot about a lot and experience is the best teacher.

Q: Did I register for both allopathic and osteopathic ERAS sites?

  • Yes

Q: How did I decide between pursing an allopathic or an osteopathic residency?

  • I applied to both but only received interviews for allopathic, so the choice was easy.

Q: How many programs did I apply to? 

  • 55

Q: How many of these programs did I rotate at during 3rd and 4th years?

  • 4

Q: How many programs offered me an interview?  When did I schedule my interviews?

  • 16 offered, went on 15 mostly in Nov and Jan

      Q:  Did I cancel any interviews?  How did I go about cancelling interviews?

  • I cancelled one, you just do it ASAP and send a message by email.

Q: What is a Radiology Residency interview like?  Any interviewing tips?

  • Generally they are very relaxed, you meet with the residents, have a tour and intro talk. Typically 3-4 interviews with faculty. Just relax, be honest and be yourself. If you made it to this point you are a strong applicant and they want to be sure you are someone who will fit in, so be honest! A typical ACGME program will get 600-800 applications for 6 or so spots, if you are there you should be confident.

Q: Did I go on any second-looks?  How did I schedule my second-looks?

  • No, didn’t feel it would help as med students know little to no radiology and there won’t be much for you to do but get in the way.

Q:  When did I decide on my rank order list?

  • A few weeks before deadline

Q:  Where did I match?

  • My second choice, I was psyched as my list was 14 long

Q: Any other comments that would be helpful for those applying to my specialty.

  • Competition is stiff but if you have high boards, a lot of honors and do some research you can make it. It’s a great field and you have many options within the field, sort of like IM.