To submit your own student residency perspective, send your answers to the questions on this template to

  1. How did I decide on (insert specialty)?

  2. What was I looking for in a residency program?

  3. Did I register for both allopathic and osteopathic ERAS sites? 

  4. How did I decide between pursing an allopathic or an osteopathic residency? 

  5. How many programs did I apply to?

  6.  How many of these programs did I rotate at during 3rd and 4th years? 

  7. How many programs offered me an interview?  

  8. When did I schedule my interviews? 

  9. Did I cancel any interviews?  

  10. How did I go about cancelling interviews? 

  11. What is a (insert specialty) Residency interview like?  

  12. Any interviewing tips? 

  13. Did I go on any second-looks?  

  14. How did I schedule my second-looks? 

  15. When did I decide on my rank order list? 

  16. Where did I match? 

  17. Any other comments that would be helpful for those applying to my specialty?