Matching Yourself With a Program

Post-Graduate Training Program

There is no "easy button" to push when you are deciding what kind of job you want to do, or where to do it. The options are almost as expansive as when you are looking for a life partner. And in a way, there are a number of parallels.

Confronting K-type questions in life, where only single answers are considered acceptable, is extremely stressful.

In choosing a residency program, what factors are the most important?

  • Are you limited to a specific geographic area? 
  • Are there specific learning objectives that can be met only at certain programs? 
  • Is comfort and familiarity important in enhancing the learning environment? 

It can be very helpful to work with your mentor to sort through such questions

Residency Programs

You can find information about the impact of your graduate medical education program choices on the AOA's "Frequently Asked Questions" site.

Information about specific internship and residency programs

AOA Opportunities Website 
All Osteopathic Intern and Residency programs listed in Opportunities have been approved by the American Osteopathic Association's (AOA) Program and Trainee Review Committee (PTRC) of the Council of Postdoctoral Training (COPT).   The following data: Hospital Name, Program Name, Program ID, Number of Years of Continuing Approval and Number of Approved Positions, are AOA primary source verified and cannot be changed in OPPORTUNITIES by the hospital or program. All other information is self-reported by the programs.

Fellowship & Residency Interactive Database (FREIDA) 
FREIDA Online is a database with more than 8,600 graduate medical education programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, as well as over 200 combined specialty programs.

ACGME Accredited Programs
This application allows medical students, residents, program directors, the medical community, and the general public to view basic information about all ACGME-accredited programs and sponsoring institutions. A search may be initiated by selecting "Accredited Programs" or "Sponsoring Institutions," or select "Reports" for a set of predetermined views. All results reflect accredited programs for the current academic year and those newly accredited programs with future effective dates.

Military Physician Career Information 
Medical students or residents interested in serving their country and receiving substantial funding for their education and training might consider a short- or long-term career in the U.S. military. Major branches of the military — including the Army, Navy and Air Force — offer options ranging from full funding of medical school, graduate education, and even fellowships to well-compensated post-graduate training and loan repayment through service in the reserves.