Matching Self to Program: Residency Application Process & Interviewing

Residency Application Process

It is important to realize that there are two separate processes that you will use to get into your residency - ERAS and the Match.

Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®) 

The Electronic Residency Application Service transmits residency applications, letters of recommendation, MSPEs, transcripts, and other supporting credentials from applicants and medical schools to fellowship, osteopathic internship, and residency programs using the Internet.

ERAS will direct your personal materials to programs to which you want to apply. This is the first step in getting into a program. If program personnel like your application materials, then you probably will be given an interview opportunity.

The Match Program

Following the interview season, generally October through December, you will post your program rankings to the Match program for processing.  More on that in the Match Process page. 


The interview is your opportunity to present yourself to programs you are considering. You likely will be part of a group of students who are there on the same day participating in the interview process.  The following resources can provide assistance as you prepare for the face-to-face interview.

What Residency Program Directors Need to Know About COMLEX-USA

Interview Tips