COSGP Executive Board

Ryan Dyches

Ryan Dyches AZCOM

American Osteopathic Foundation (AOF) Student Representative

Hello! My name is Ryan Dyches and I am a native to the great state of Arizona as well as a Sun Devil. I am currently an OMS IV attending the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine (AZCOM). I am serving as an OMM Fellow/Scholar and will graduate with the class of 2020. In order to (mostly) avoid boiling in the extreme desert heat, I’m either spending time with my wife and daughter, watching the Diamondbacks play, or out swimming.

I have been privileged to represent AZCOM as a COSGP general council member from 2016-2017 and I am honored to continue that service as the COSGP American Osteopathic Foundation (AOF) Student Director. As your student liaison to the AOF, it is my job to coordinate efforts between the Foundation and medical students including events, service projects, and scholarships. I am available to help in any way that I can so please email me anytime!