COSGP Executive Board

Samuel Zarbock

Samuel Zarbock RVUCOM

COSGP Board Chair

My name is Sam Zarbock. I grew up under the shadow of the Rocky Mountains in the Salt Lake City, Utah. Due to my father’s zealous influence, I nearly came out of the womb with snow skis attached to my feet. I attended college as a Cougar at Brigham Young University. My college experience was bisected by a two-year church mission that I served in South Africa and Namibia. (One of my peripheral goals is to one day return to Africa and provide healthcare to the wonderful people there.)

I am currently attending medical school at Rocky Vista University (RVUCOM) in St. George, Utah. My experience at Rocky Vista has been spectacular. I have loved being involved and I hope to continue to be involved in organizations, companies, groups, and programs for the rest of my career. Not only did St. George provide the setting for my medical education, but it also introduced me to pickleball--a sport that I now thoroughly enjoy. My wife, Haley, and I have a beautiful daughter who is as cute as can be.

As COSGP Chair I hope to help develop the future leaders of the osteopathic profession, expand and build upon wellness awareness, help our constituents be prepared for matching, and make sure everyone knows about the good work our executive board and general council do. I am thrilled to have this privilege and can't wait to get work done!