Welcome to the Osteopathic Family!


By Krista Niezwaag

COSGP National Chair
Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine

Greetings from the Council of Osteopathic Student Government Presidents -

We at COSGP are, like many of you, diving into a new year filled with unknowns.  As always, COSGP is committed to developing leaders, advocating for all DO students, and embracing flexibility and creativity like never before.  At the same time, we are acutely aware of the ever-changing landscape in which we are all living.  As newly elected executive board members, we have quickly stepped into our roles and filled our ranks with an incredible group of diverse, talented, and motivated student leaders.  Our main theme this year is, “The New Front Lines”, comes from an understanding that medicine is evolving and that we, as future osteopathic physicians, can begin affecting change through COSGP nationally and at our COM’s locally. 

In a year that is anything but traditional, like many of you, we find ourselves moving to a virtual environment, so our executive board will work tirelessly to build virtual engagement in our general council.  How do we excite, engage and grow our leaders outside of our traditional quarterly meetings?   How do we come together as an organization virtually with the same intensity and tempo as seen in past years?  Truthfully, many answers are yet to come, but what we have seen is a group of student leaders who are embracing their roles, facing the unknown, and ready to rise to the challenge together.  I write to you wholly confident in our ability to grow this year as an organization.  

We have looked to nature to provide us with themes for our quarterly meetings as well as a solid but flexible framework to build out our year.  Nature brings us some of the most enduring yet adaptable forces on earth, and we hope to harness this power as leaders in these uncertain times.  This summer we will look to “Move Mountains”, in the fall we will work to “Grow the Fire.”  In winter, together we will find an “Air of Compassion” and we will finish out in the spring with “Ride the Wave.”  As humans right now living through these unprecedented times, our daily lives are somewhat unpredictable, and as leaders even more so.  To that end, we want to be able to program and adapt as our Council needs throughout the year and as individuals, become our own “forces of nature” for our osteopathic community.

On behalf of all of us at COSGP, we look forward to working alongside all of you this year in affecting change and leading through uncertainty. 

Stand fast,

Krista Niezwaag, PA-C



2020-2021 COSGP Executive Board Members

  • First Vice Chair – Laura Roberson, PNWU-COM
  • Second Vice Chair – Paul Creger, KCU-COM, Kansas City
  • Secretary – Valerie Pendleton, UNECOM
  • Treasurer – Colin Hanock, MWU-COM
  • Parliamentarian – Armando Moreno, UIWSOM
  • Medical Education Representative – Brady Stevens, NYIT, Old Westbury
  • Clinical Education Representative – Brysen Keith, ATSU-SOMA
  • Diversity Representative – Andrew Williams, OH-HCOM, Athens
  • Global Health Representative – Sarah Lowen, VCOM-VC
  • Public Relations Representative – Tana Becker-Sievert, ARCOM
  • Research Representative – Christian Pruitt, PCOM-GA
  • Legislative Affairs Representative – Katie Marney, OSU-COM
  • Programs and TOUCH Representative – Eloy Martinez, UIWSOM
  • AOF Representative – Comfort Orebayo, KCU-COM, Joplin
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