Resources and Advice from DO Students: COMLEX

Fourth Year COMLEX Level 1

Electronic Resources

  • Boards Boot Camp
  • Doctors in Training
  • Goljan Audio
  • Kaplan
  • PASS Program
  • Pathoma
  • Picmonic
  • RC Med Review
  • Websites
    • UptoDate


  • BRS Physiology*
  • First Aid for the USMLE Step 1**
  • Goljan Rapid Review*
  • Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple
  • Pharmacology Made Ridiculously Simple
  • Robbins Pathology Review
  • Savarese OMT Review**
  • Step Up to Step 1
  • USMLE Secrets

Additional Resources

  • BRS Flashcards
  • Lange Pharmacology Flashcards
  • NBME Practice Exams
  • USMLEWorld


  • Keep in mind this is a very personal process. You have to figure out what you don’t know well vs what you do and figure out what resource(s) will best help you review everything while also better covering the topics you struggle with the most.
  • Review First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 at least 3 times
  • I did all of both USMLEWorld and COMQUEST then re-did all the questions I had missed and reviewed them.
  • Uworld questions teach you the most and are well worth the effort even if you have zero interest in taking usmle. Add info to First Aid for the USMLE (book) from your wrong answers as well as your right answers. Our school had us use Dr.Samir Rizk’s prep course, I didn’t care for Doctor’s In Training (DIT) overall but did use their micro sections (turned out to be very valuable night-before the test review). Comquest was decent for self-testing, not a fan of combank because the questions seem to have some errors which could lead you astray if you write them down in first aid (ie: use combank for self-testing only, not for gathering knowledge)
  • Primarily prepared for COMLEX by preparing for USMLE with UWorld Qbank, USMLE Step 1 First Aid, and Goljan Pathology Review. COMBANK for 2-4 weeks prior to exam to prepare for COMLEX style questions and OMT Review book for OMM.
  • Do LOTS of questions!
  • Questions, Questions, Questions. Understand why you got questions right/wrong then look it up in your resource of choice.
  • Need to review viscersomatics and Chapman’s points for COMLEX.
  • I found that Combank was more realistic to the “test day” feel of the questions as opposed to Comquest. U WORLD was still a stronger prep, information wise, but Combank was worth the feel.
  • Don’t choose more than 1 book. It’s better to know one book extremely well than use many. Use a q bank throughout the year to correlate with class. Throughout the year, you should be correlating First Aid or Kaplan with your classes and memorizing the info while you’re taking the class.
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