Resources and Advice from DO Students: COMLEX

Third Year COMLEX Level 1

Electronic Resources

  • Doctors in Training
  • Falcon
  • Goljan Audio
  • Kaplan
  • PASS Program
  • Pathoma
  • Picmonic
  • RC Med Review
  • Sketchy Micro
  • Websites


  • BRS Gross Anatomy
  • BRS Pathology
  • BRS Physiology
  • COMLEX OMM Review*
  • Deja Review Pharmacology
  • First Aid OMM Review
  • First Aid for the USMLE Step 1**
  • Micro Made Simple
  • Savarese OMT Review**
  • Step Up to Step 1

Additional Resources

  • USMLEWorld


  • Go through first aid, uworld, pathoma as many times as you can (the more times the better).
  • Uworld was beneficial for the USMLE. COMBANK and COMQUEST were better for COMLEX. First aid for the USMLE was great for both, but must be supplemented with OMT review for COMLEX.
  • UWorld is a must, but go through another question bank first (I recommend USMLERx, but COMBANK or COMQUEST might suffice), then after you have a foundation of what is tested and how it is tested go through UWorld. Read every explanation fore each correct and incorrect answer. I recommend doing sets of 46 questions random and timed. Then spend up to 5 min reviewing each question.
  • Be comfortable integrating OMM principles into questions that aren’t directly testing OMM. Lots of timed practice questions and analyzing why you got them wrong and what your gaps in knowledge are.
  • Do AT LEAST 3000 practice questions, and go over all the answer choices when you review.
  • COMBANK was crucial! I depended on it almost exclusively. There are so many options for prep programs that it’s easy to get bogged down and think you need ALL of them. Find one or maybe 2 that you like, and stick with them.

* – Top rated book resources

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