Resources and Advice from DO Students: Rotations

Fourth Year Surgery Rotation

Electronic Resources

  • Applications
    • TouchSugery App
  • Surgery 101 Podcasts
  • Websites


  • Boards and Wards
  • Essentials of General Surgery
  • First Aid for the USMLE Step 2
  • High Yield Surgery
  • NMS Casebook
  • Pestana Surgery Review*
  • Step Up to Step 2
  • Surgery Blueprints
  • Surgery Case Files*
  • Surgery Pretest
  • Surgical Recall**

Additional Resources

  • USMLEWorld


  • Before scrubbing, check OR to make sure you already have gloves and a gown – if not offer to get them for the nurse and get yourself set up! (don’t touch anything blue!)
  • Scrub a little longer than your attending/resident but don’t hold them up
  • Do as much as you can – dressing changes, chest tubes, etc. (find out how long your attending leaves dressings on, don’t take them off too early but once you can always take them off and look at the incision then replace dressing)
  • Be first on the floor and last to leave
  • Offer to write post-op note (KNOW HOW TO!)
  • If you can, before the procedure know the details of the procedures, why they are performed, post-op care and follow-up care.
  • Always carry scissors with you.
  • Make sure to go to the Ethicon website – they will give you a FREE knot tying kit for practicing suturing (use youtube videos).
  • Be scrubbed and ready to go before the attending is scrubbed in; if they are waiting for you, then you are wrong.
  • Research on the surgeries that you will be going into. This will help you because you can get lost in what is happening especially with abdominal surgeries.
* – Most highly ranked book resources
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