Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine

Amanda Quach

Undergraduate Studies:  BS in Physiology, University of Washington

“In 1986, the journal Pediatrics published an article showing the effects of touch on premature babies in the neonatal-ICU.  The ones that were touched showed an average of 47 percent greater weight gain per day, which coincided with a much higher chance of survival.  Touch alone saved these babies lives. 

“The greatest thing about osteopathic medicine is that it enables us to be healers through our two portable hands, without any x-ray machine or surgical procedure.  It has always been my goal to practice medicine abroad in communities that lack access to medical care.  If I am alone in a remote village, I will still have the knowledge and skills to help these individuals.

“I am truly enjoying my journey toward becoming an osteopathic physician at PNWU-COM because of its small class size, outstanding faculty, and the fact that everyone at the school genuinely cares about my well-being.”