Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine – California

Amir Ali Sarkeshik

Undergraduate Studies: BS in Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior; BA in Political Science, University of California, Davis 

“I grew up defining a doctor as an adjective, not a noun. My father taught me that Hakim, the term for doctor in our language, is defined as ‘the wise one.’ This is something that helped me understand that this sacred field transcends the letters following your name, and reflects a lifetime journey of learning and serving. I chose osteopathic medicine because it is rooted in a philosophy that emphasizes doctors not as healers, but as tools in the patient’s healing process. This reinforces the sacred nature associated historically with the field of medicine, and the traditional patient-physician relationship that too often today is missing.

“Osteopathic medicine has given me a head start on this journey by broadening my skills and scope of practice. In addition to taking the traditional medical school courses, we learn OMM –  an additional tool in helping our patients through their healing process. Thus, it is only natural that we attain a greater appreciation for human anatomy and train our palpatory skills from day one – traits that can be implemented in any scope of medicine we enter, from family practice to surgery.”