Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Austin Moore

Undergraduate Studies: BS in Biology, United States Air Force Academy
“Osteopathic medicine is my calling. When I was applying to medical school, I knew I wanted something more than treating patients alone. I wanted a family of fellow physicians who approach patients as wonderful complexities, pulling from the many facets of mind, body and spirit. I love OU-HCOM because it is the best place to experience that expression of medicine. The people here truly are a family, and the training we receive is incredible. The academics are rigorous, the curriculum is well-organized, and the patient interaction from the beginning provides the students experience beyond that of their counterparts. I graduated from the United States Air Force Academy, where excellence is prioritized. OU-HCOM maintains equal standards of excellence, and I know OU-HCOM will have made me the absolute best doctor I can be for my future service in the military.”