Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Bo Pang

Undergraduate Studies: BS in Liberal Biology, McGill University (Canada)
“After completing my undergraduate education, I knew I wanted to become a physician. However, it wasn’t until I heard about osteopathic medicine in the United States my decision to pursue this path really solidified. The philosophy of osteopathic medicine – touch and preventive care, combined with a patient-centered approach – really drew me into the profession. I hope to become the type of physician who not only can help others around me, but also who is able to advocate for, teach, and empower those who I help. As the MSUCOM Class of 2016 President, I am able to see first-hand how dedicated our faculty and professors are in helping me attain my goal. In addition, MSUCOM’s sense of camaraderie and family has made my transition from Canada extremely simple and welcoming. I could not have made a better decision about my future.”