Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Camille Lorica

Undergraduate Studies: BA in Biology with a concentration in Evolution and Ecology, Binghamton University

“I have always been interested in medicine, but was unsure of the role that I wanted to play. After college, I took time off to work hands-on with patients in the hospital, and there realized my true desire to become a physician. I was accepted into LECOM’s post-baccalaureate program and a year later, chose to attend the college’s newest campus, LECOM-Seton Hill.

“There, I have been given abundant opportunities to pursue my personal, academic, and career goals. The problem-based learning style has been instrumental in helping me to succeed in my classes, while affording me time to participate in other activities, such as student government and volunteering. The faculty and staff at LECOM-Seton Hill have created a welcoming environment and are committed to students’ education.  Sharing a campus with Seton Hill University not only makes for beautiful learning spaces and refreshing interactions, but also provides unlimited opportunity to become involved in a great community.

“I chose osteopathic medicine because it exemplifies the ideals of patient care that I felt were lacking in my work experiences. Osteopathic philosophy emphasizes the “whole person” approach, the importance of communication, and evidence-based care. These principles are the foundation of my medical education, and will continue as the fundamentals of my practice."