Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine – Carolinas Campus

Casey Ferrara

Undergraduate Studies: BS in Exercise Physiology, Auburn University
“I chose to become an osteopathic physician after realizing the need for high-quality, tangible, patient-oriented care with a human-centered focus.  I graduated with a degree in Exercise Physiology with the intent of pursuing a career in physical therapy.  After learning about the broad scope of skills osteopathic physicians employ to provide patient care, I naturally decided to blend the hands-on skills physical therapists often use with the extensive, encompassing understanding of the human body learned while pursuing a career in osteopathic medicine.  I truly value the multifaceted educational instruction offered at VCOM-CC, and I look forward to improving the standards of patient care as part of a medical team made up of peers from all osteopathic medical schools.  My goal is to apply the skills learned during my medical education to advance preventive medicine, ensuring wellness as a cornerstone of patient health.”