University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

Damian Campbell, MS

Undergraduate Studies: BS in Neuroscience, Baylor University

Graduate Studies: MS in Medical Sciences, University of North Texas Health Science Center

“Osteopathic medicine at its core differs from allopathic medicine in perspective; it teaches that the body is a unit and each system is intimately associated in reciprocal fashion. It represents the humility of medicine; a return to careful understanding of anatomy and physiology by which we can utilize touch and manipulation as another form of treatment, whether adjunctive or primary.

“What UNTHSC/TCOM does really well is to create an environment of collaboration in which we work together to perform at our best, evident in our success on licensing exams each year. Healthy competition can be found here, but not at the expense of sabotaging one another’s potential.

“I am currently applying to our graduate school for the Dual Degree program in hopes that I can pioneer research that will one day shape medicine directly. I plan to provide medical aid to underserved areas, and through my research, I hope to improve upon currently established procedures and technologies."