University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

Deidre Reigel

Undergraduate Studies:  BS in Biology, University of Maine

“I was pleasantly surprised when I started medical school at UNECOM. I’d heard nightmare stories about how competitive and cut-throat medical school was, yet attending UNECOM is like having 123 brothers and sisters.   We are a family, and instead of competing against one another to get to the top, we work together as a team to get there.

“The concept of osteopathic medicine is simple: a comfortable person can breathe easier, and will be able to fight an infection that much faster.  Medical school has strengthened my love for osteopathic medicine.   Being trained to touch someone and feel health or illness is a gift that only an osteopathic medical education can give.

“In the future, I will share this gift with my patients, and I will teach them that while medications are useful tools, nothing is stronger in overcoming disease than a healthy human body.”