Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Douglas Anderson, 2nd Lieutenant, U.S. Air Force

Undergraduate Studies: BS in Biology, University of California - Santa Cruz

“During my undergraduate experience, I struggled with the decision regarding how to continue my education – in medicine or public health.  When my academic advisor introduced me to osteopathic medicine, my decision became an easy one.  The osteopathic philosophy of mind, body and spirit, and the emphasis on preventive care and patient-centered medicine hit home for me.  I immediately knew I wanted to become a DO.

“My involvement in PCOM’s Student Government has enabled me to become directly involved with the current issues facing medicine today, and has afforded me the ability to have a real impact as an advocate for patients and my fellow medical students.

“PCOM is truly an amazing family.  Students, faculty and staff together create the collaborative and supportive environment that exists at PCOM – one that encourages students not only to excel, but also to help one another succeed.  The PCOM family encompasses every aspect of the PCOM educational experience, motivating students and creating unlimited opportunities for them.  PCOM has empowered me as a medical student and helped me develop as a leader for the future.”