Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Heather Krasa, MS

Undergraduate Studies: BS in Biology; minor in Nutrition, Cook College, Rutgers University

Graduate Studies: MS in Biomedical Science, Barry University
“I chose osteopathic medicine because I believe the best care is delivered by dedicated, compassionate physicians who see patients as they are: not simply collections of organ systems, but cohesive units of mind, body and spirit. As a former EMT, I witnessed the truth of this philosophy first hand, seeing that what patients needed was not only physical care, but mental reassurance and genuine hope that they could be whole again. At LECOM-Seton Hill, I receive daily reminders of this a mentality, as our leaders strive to help us develop and hone our own skills, while also reminding us of the necessity to function as an integral part of a larger unit, much like the body, mind and spirit. It is with these skills and our great philosophy that I hope to play a small, yet collective role in the evolution of our health care system toward a more holistic, patient-centered institution.”